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Monday, December 14, 2020

10 Safe Holiday Activities to do this December during the Pandemic 2020

Good morning lovely, 

Today's post is one I am particularly excited about. In today's post I'm dishing 10 must do's during the month of December. We all know this holiday season is so different, but that doesn't mean it has to be all bad. I hope today's post brings some joy into your holiday season and inspires you!


1. Bake cookies 
This goes without saying. Christmas cookies are one of the BEST parts of the holiday season. I don't even like to cook or bake, but every year I enjoy spending time with my loved ones baking cookies. While we won't be bringing them to any holiday parties this year, it's still a tradition I am looking forward to. 

2. Binge watch Christmas movies
Each year we find a super cold or rainy day, the perfect opportunity to keep comfy clothes on and binge watch holiday movies. B and I have a few favorites that we look forward to watching every year. His favorites are Home Alone and Home Alone 2, my favorites are The Holiday, Love Actually, and I LOVE the Beauty and the Beast Christmas movie-it's just so sweet and I love the music. It's a great one to wrap presents too. 

3. Drive around and see the neighborhood Christmas lights and decorations.
I don't need to see the grand light show to get in the holiday spirit, even just driving around to see everyone's own unique decorations just puts me in the Christmas mood. My favorites are to drive through some of the local main streets and see all the shops and restaurants. I love when the whole town embraces the holiday season. 

4. Mail Christmas cards (there IS still time)
Hand written notes make my day! I love receiving any and all mail. I especially love receiving brand packages that include a personal note, it just shows the extra touch and personal connection. This year, B and I opted out of the traditional photo cards for typical cards, this way we can write sentiments to our friends and family we will miss seeing this year. Plus it's a save option to just include a pre-printed photo in the card (which we might still do.)

5. Read a holiday book or two!
Besides all the holiday movies there are so many cute and joyful holiday books to binge during the holiday season. Because I spend so much more time on my computer now with distance learning, I carve out more time in the evenings to disconnect and read. There's so many on my TBR (to be read) list that I think I'll have to carry it into the new year. 

6. Make a hot chocolate bar
I love coffee and drink it way to much now that I am home so often, so I've been opting for more tea or hot chocolate. There's so many different ways to prepare some hot chocolate I had fun laying out all the toppings, getting it all prepared and wrapping some gifts or relaxing by the tree. 

7. Order takeout / shop local
Right now a lot of local restaurants are missing their regulars, so B and I have made it a point to order takeout once a week (sometimes more...oops) from our local favs to show our support. Another great way to support your local businesses is buy shopping Main Street instead of online, a lot of local business offer great curbside pick up or delivery so you can shop worry free.

8.Make your own wreath
Even if you don't make your own wreath from scratch, there's so many fun things to add to make it more personal. So grab YouTube and some crafting supplies and get to work! 

9. Create NEW traditions
This year is the perfect opportunity to create new traditions. While it breaks my heart, we won't be spending the holidays with my extended family, especially because I have such a small immediate family, I'm looking at is an opportunity to create new traditions. For example, B and I have been coming up with little things to make the month special. One new tradition for us in 2020, was walking so much more! We strive to commit to our 10k steps daily and that gives us daily time together, disconnected for our computers and technology.

10. Do something kind for others
This year has been challenging for everyone and we don't know what other's are going through. So B and I are making it a point to be extra generous with kindness this year, even if it's something as simple as paying for the person's coffee order in the line behind us. 



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