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Friday, February 19, 2016

5 essential tips for the SKI mountain (Yes, this applies to snowboarders too)

Tip Number One: Don't wear all your layers until you are ready to go on the mountain. 

I always make the mistake of piling on my layers at home and by the time I get to the mountain after sitting in the car, even for a 10 minute drive from our rental, has me used to the heat and suddenly cold! Jackets like this one (I just got this season) are perfect  because they come with removable layers. This particular jacket has a removable faux fur liner, which serves as a sweatshirt on the way to the mountain. Also, if the conditions have suddenly changed you find you are getting too warm; you can always just wear the jacket shell. 

Tip Number Two: WEAR A HELMET 

This is a non-negotiable tip for me. Even the best skiers I know wear a helmet. It's not worth the risk for one bad fall. Also, as an added bonus they keep your head-phones in place and they keep your head warm. I know what you are thinking, so do hats. Yes, hats can keep your head warm but helmets keep it warmer and provide a safety factor. Win. Win. 

Tip Number Three: Wear goggles. 

You can get some that are tinted and reflective. These will help keep the snow out of your face and the sun out of your eyes. When paired with a face mask your face will be well protected, warm and you'll be able to fly down the mountain faster since you will now be able to see clearly!

Tip Number Four: Wear hand and toe warmers. 

Warmers, enough said. These are worth the money and last all day. If you question whether these are actually worth it, I ask you to experiment. Put a hand warmer in only glove and I can promise you after two runs you will definitely notice a difference. Another plug for Target, they sell them in the One Spot, as well as, Dicks Sporting Goods who also sell them for only $1 each. 

Tip Number Five: If you need to rent, rent ahead of time.

Lastly, renting ahead of time saves you money and time. By bringing you're rented equipment to the mountain ahead of time you avoid the lines at the mountain rental shop and therefore get a more accurate fit. Renting the day of will have you anxious to move quickly and get to the slopes.  When you plan ahead one evening after work to get your rentals fitted you will be more relaxed and pay attention to detail.

**All images are from Dicks Sporting Goods. Look out for my own Winter Apparel in an upcoming blog post!
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