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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Podcasts and the best winter jacket on sale!

Wow! I can't believe it is already Thursday. This year (let alone )week is flying by. Oh and another disclaimer (these have been happening a lot lately) I measure years by the school year, not calendar year. The. life. of. a. teacher.

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Speaking of #teacherlife today's post is all about the life part of my style, life and beauty blog. I've recently started listening to Podcasts, ever since from BrightonTheDay recommended one from the Porch on her Instagram. I really admired her passion for faith and her sharing that with the world. No matter what your faith, this podcast really helps to provide clarity, purpose and a focus for daily challenges everyone faces.  The most recent one that I listened too titled "Commitment Matters" reminded me of the value of our word. And more importantly, the author reminded us how often we say things "literally" or "promise" without fully understanding what we are committing too. This past week I agreed to an event after work (which we all know can be tough). When the time for the event came I was reluctant and actually debating about canceling, but then I reminded myself of the commitment I made. This brief moment of reflection helped me to refocus my energy to the commitment I made and in the end I am so happy I went! 

The second Podcast I have been listening to recently is Gilmore Guys, this podcast is a completely different approach. So hilarious and really has me so PUMPED for the the reunion which has been officially confirmed. Who else is as excited as a I am for this reunion?!

**Also, don't forget to share your thoughts about today's post and what Podcasts you are currently listening too in the comments section!

For the style part of today's post I am honoring the hashtag #tbt (Mom- that means Throw Back Thursday) and resharing this winter jacket (from Dick's Sporting Goods) in a different look and the castle because I am obsessed with it. Normally, I could care less about ski-jackets. And I have come to the realization that it was because prior to this jacket I was never satisfied and I truly mean that. This jacket purchased with savings over $100, is worth every penny. It is practical, fits amazingly and most importantly is so so warm.

Also, did you notice, I was captured in this photo getting ready for this shoot?! 

 photo xolauren3_zpsif80w6rh.jpg


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