The most versatile blue gingham button down ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, February 15, 2016

The most versatile blue gingham button down

    So I realized this weekend that Lent is officially in full swing and I haven't shared what I gave up. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle I gave up using the elevator. As soon as I tell people this their follow up question is always "Why?!" And my answer is simple. Because I want to ensure I am living a healthy lifestyle! Like anyone, I can be extremely lazy and lugging groceries and other bags after a long day at work up flights of stairs is not as appealing to me when the elevator is directly across from the stairs!.So I gave it up. I have found the large reusable bags ($1.00 at Homegoods) are Great for piling in the groceries. They end up distributing the weight easier and I can put it over my shoulder freeing up my hands for other items. I also recently got the cutest Lilly Reusable bag (it sells out super fast, but I will keep my eye out for it to later link it for you.) I am looking forward to using it as a beach tote during the summer.
   I also gave up shopping (excluding groceries and other necessities). I know what you are thinking... "How can you have a fashion blog and not shop all the time?" It's going to be a HUGE challenge for me. I wouldn't necessarily say I have a problem, well at least not a big one. I do LOVE to shop, but I am very conscious of my money and live within my means. So, in order to stay true to myself and my goal of this fashion and lifestyle blog I figured I would challenge myself (and YOU) to create the upcoming 40 posts using pieces I (and you) already own! 

    I can't remember what celebrity started the "party nail" trend, but thank you to whom ever did! I truly love it. This combo has to be my favorite. It seriously matches everything!I highly recommend this Essie color: Chinchilly and Deborah Lippmann (totally worth the splurge)!

My staple arm candy consists of my Marc Jacob WatchPandora Bangle and Cape Cod Bracelets- If you love signature and original bangles, then you should definitely make a trip out to Eden in Cape Cod where they measure the bracelet to fit your wrist. It was so fun picking out what ones I wanted for staples in my daily arm party. 

   Also, these "boot socks" are actually just cuffs that I found at Francesca's (prior to Lent beginning) and after all the additional sales they were only $3.00! What a steal.

    What did you give up for Lent? 

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  1. Such an adorable look!! Gladi found your blog!

    xx, Elise