Easter Sunday Reflections ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday Reflections

Did you know that the Bible states “Do not be afraid” 365 times?! This is a daily reminder to live life FEARLESSLY. So today I am doing two things I’ve been fearful about posting on the blog: My beliefs (religion included), family and don’t worry fashion will of course be included!

I hope you lovelies had a wonderful Easter celebrating and enjoying time with loved ones. Every year my family gets up really early to head to the local beach to participate in a sunrise service at 6am. There is something very symbolic and peaceful about standing on top of a hill overlooking the blue ocean water as the sun rises. It is symbolic for the true meaning behind Easter, celebrating and rejoicing because the Lord has risen. This year my boyfriend and I participated in a new tradition and went to a full mass (the sunrise service is a shortened version) since we were out of town visiting his family. 

Today's outfit is a #latergram from my actual Easter Sunday. It was SO windy! But I wanted to capture the beautiful sun shining on the open landscape of upstate New York State. I kept today's outfit festive, simple and comfortable. I LOVE this cardigan from J.Crew Factory. Spoiler alert- my mom has the same one! You wouldn't even know though because we both style it so differently. However; we both find it as a staple transitional sweater... I mean c'mob, that color! I think some people who are really good with the fashioning (I am not) would refer to it as sea-foam green. It also matched my previous Spring Essentials post since I am officially obsessed with everything blue and green for spring. 

My necklace is also from J.Crew factory and was a steal! Thanks mom for doing some shopping in the clearance section a few years back. Although it is old, never fear, since J.Crew embodies the classic preppy look they re-release slightly similar versions every year and I've linked a few additional options for you in the widget below. I love a good statement necklace they instantly put together an outfit. I am really enjoying these RayBan sunnies. They are such a fun color! I am also wearing a few of my favorite jewelry pieces, JoJo Loves you earrings and Alex and Ani's. I love to mix my favorite bangles with some matching beaded ones! Plus I try to mix metals and always pair some gold and silver bangles together. 

So like I said before (or if you follow me on snap chat) then you know we had an awesome egg hunt for my 3-year old bestie. We knew she could handle it so us "big kids" had a contest of our own to see who could hide the most challenging egg. The rules: the egg needed to be visible from at least one angle at her eye level and nowhere dangerous. Needless to say we had fun.  I was assigned the pink ones! Some of the pictures even have some eggs in them, can you find them?
I really hope you enjoyed today's post. I am so excited that I got to share some of that with you through this post. It included my favourite subject fashion but with some added twists. I appreciate your feedback so be sure to leave some LOVE in the comments section below. 
xx, Lauren

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