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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sock buns & a T-Shirt Dress

So I have a confession to make I own this dress in 5... yes, five colors. I absolutely fell in love with it as soon as I saw this black one hanging at the Banana Republic Outlet and then immediately added two more to my cart after I saw the price tag was $10!  (Similar dress here.) How could I not by all three? Then this past summer they released two more colors, so I obviously picked those up too. They are the truly my favorite go-to dress for spring, summer and fall. Read on to learn more about my favorite essentials for spring!

Since it is officially March, today's outfit of the day channels all of my favorite items for early- springtime that means: sock buns, converse and denim jackets! 
I am loving the various sock bun tutorials that are out there on pinterest. If you aren't already follow my pinterest board, located on the sidebar, to see all the fun inspiration I am pinning. Most of the time the beauty tries are epic fails, but this one actually seemed to come together. For today's bun I was going for the "natural, messy, I woke up like this look." I don't think I've perfected it yet but I am working on it. 
I thought I lost these earrings and was so happy to have found them so they have been on repeat the past two weeks. But seriously, how cute are they? They easily make any outfit instantly more glamorous! 
I was channeling spring this weekend since the weather on Sunday was 50 degrees and sunny and pulled out my converse. I wear these with sheer tights, for some reason tights actually make a big difference in keeping my legs warm and they help to even out your skin tone. 

Lastly, I paired my favorite light wash denim jacket with a Madewell scarf (BACK in stock!) and my go-to Tory Burch bagThanks for checking in, what are your early-spring favorites
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  1. Could not tell you were wearing tights . . . Love the sheer look, so cute with the sneakers!

    1. Thanks SO much! I am obsessed with my converse- I highly recommend them. Thanks for following the blog XO