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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Your New Favorite Outfit {OOTD} for Under $100

Hello lovely, how was your long weekend?! I hope it was filled with good food, drinks and even better company (as stated on my instagram, are we friends yet on insta?) One of the many reasons I love holiday weekends, besides the delicious food and an excuse to dress up is the opportunities it provides to catch up with friends and family. Many of my long time friends from high school return home to take advantage of the extra vacation day and, as a result, I am nothing but smiles. 

Last week I mentioned starting: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up. This is a MUST READ, especially if you love to organize, love a clean house, or want to better your at home life style. My one disclaimer is to be prepared to clean/tidy after reading this text. I love this book because author, Marie Kondo, puts the classic "I have nothing to wear"  statement into perspective. Kondo explains when your closest is over flowing with clothes your mind is cluttered by items that don't "sing to your heart" therefore making it difficult to find and select items you want to wear. As a result, I immediately followed her steps and couldn't wait to invite friends and family over to see my new closet displaying only the clothes that truly bring me joy and excitement to wear. 

Now, speaking of clothes, let's discuss  the reason you clicked on this blog post: Your new favorite outfit of the day {#ootd} for under $100. As you may know, if you have been following my blog this summer, then you know how much I LOVE white denim. I truly believe there is the perfect pair for everyone. The pair I swear by is from J.Crew Factory and under $50 dollars! My exact pair comes in a 30inch inseam, which can double as pants for many of my (shorter) friends. However; I am simply too tall and am still in search of a distressed pair. Any suggestions? I also highly recommend this tunic, which is on sale at Nordstrom for under $30. The blue color pictured is sold out, but the green color (linked) would be perfect for fall too! 

After I have picked my favorite basics for under $100, I get to pick my favorite parts of the look: accessories. I love color blocking because the general rule of thumb is anything in the same color scheme goes. Since, I wanted to wear my favorite Tieks I grabbed my favorite blue, green and gold bangles. To complete the look, I added my go-to BaubleBar earrings (*ALSO on SALE*) Have you bought your pair yet?! They are already sold out at BaubleBar, so don't wait too long. I promise you will not regret this purchase. 

Even with the earrings + (pants+ tunic)= your total cost is $100! 

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  1. Love the color scheme! Esp. the shoes.

  2. You look great! Have you tried Abercrombie or Express for distressed white jeans? I feel like they always have a huge denim selection in every inseam.


  3. Simple yet lovely outfit! I love this post, and your insta-feed, and want to be your friend. 🤗 But truly, love the arm party, the bag (now I need one!) and the white demin jeans. And I am definitely looking into that book. Thank you so much for sharing all of this!
    xoxo Janie

  4. I have a couple of those tunics and can't get enough of them! Love your cute tassel bracelets!!

  5. Great summer outfit!

  6. Such a lovely post! The outfit is gorgeous on you! H xxx

  7. Tunics are a must! Love the outfit!

  8. Such a great look, plus beautiful scenery. I love the color of your top!

  9. Such a great look! I just received a tunic (cream colored) and have been experimenting with different looks. I love the blue with the white. Perfect for summer!

  10. Adorable outfit girl! Love that tunic :)

  11. What an awesome post! I really love this. I’d love for you to check out my latest post on

    time management tips for Girl Bosses!

    xo Annie

  12. Simply lovely - I love this color blue of your top with the white pants... and adore that stylish purse!

  13. Your whole outfit is super cute! I love your bag & shoes.

    - Cait |

  14. Such a cute look and I adore that bag :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  15. That IS a great outfit! I'm so into the flowy tops this year.

  16. I love that top and that Tory bag is stunning!

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