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Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Essentials Part 1: Off the Shoulder Top & JORD Watch

I'm backkkk! Hello my lovely readers and sorry for my absence. If you were wondering what I have been up too & why I have disappeared, be sure to follow along on Instagram to know what's been happening in my life. 

Currently in my style life I am still loving Off the Shoulder tops! I was definitely late to the OTS party, but I am one hundred percent for it. They are the perfect go-to for barbecues, date nights and much more. To make my tops more appropriate for fall, I am opting for darker prints, like this beauty from Anthropologie (also try this and this) and pairing them with my favorite Hudson flared denim jeans ( I also have my eye on this fabulous pair). I totally love this trend because they make your legs look fantastic! Pair them with a heel to give an even longer and slimming look. 

On a similar note,  I am currently swooning over my new wooden watch curtesy of JORD Wood Watches as a staple in my fall wardrobe.  This particular style had me at the words: golden, rich and rose. Made from Koa wood this watch is a show stopper. At first I was worried the wood would irrate my skin or give me a splinter, but I was so surprised to find how smooth the wood is. It's a really breathable watch, so even in the summertime, it still fits perfectly. I also love that they measure your wrist to the nearest centimeters to ensure a more accurate fitting. 

I chose this particular piece because the rose gold accents are meant to emulate the beauty of an autumn sunset, which is absolutely perfect for me, since I adore gold jewels.  Gold tones have such a romantic feel to them. Although wooden watches are a recent trend this is definitely a classic and timeless piece. As Harry Winston once said "People will always stare. Make it worth their while!" These timeless pieces created  by artists, designers and marketers at JORD Wood Watches are truly a fall essential & will definitely have people staring. It is so unique and serves as a great conversational piece. Disclaimer: This post was sponsored in part by JORD Wood Watches, but all thoughts & opinions are my own. 
Mens Wooden Watches
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  1. lo--yea, why have you been absent?!! i hope you have a REALLY good reason. :P ok, i kid. just look down at your hand, notice a rock. i hope you are wearing sunglasses bc it is probably blinding you. OTS tops are def fun (i'm loving the long sleeve ones lately!) love this floral number on you and how you paired it with those flared jeans!! i don't even have a pair, i gave them all ways #regrets, should've kept it! ugh, and the ones you have are hudson, my FAVE brand in denim. ps congrats again love. see you on insta. xoxo

    janna | www.jannadoan.com

  2. This a really beautiful OTS top. Love the flare jeans and watch too. Fab bag and cute key chain.

    Inez | My Small World

  3. Oh those are beautiful! Great color for fall totally ready for this season!

    Xoxo Jess