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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

5 Things You NEED to do After Getting Engaged!

Hello & welcome to a new special edition of posts that will be featured on Roses&RainBoots: Wedding Wednesday! I'm already realizing some weeks and months will be busier thn others during the wedding planning process, and as a result, I will be posting Wednesday updates accordingly.  I hope you are excited to follow along on our journey!

Today I am sharing the top 5 things you MUST do immediately after getting engaged. 
1. Get that ring insured! I got engaged on Saturday, in the exact spot of our first date two years ago (more details to come) and I was able to email my insurance company a copy of the appraisal that weekend and had my ring insured by the end of the day on Monday. This was a huge relief, since it takes a few days to getting used to wearing the new gem. 

2. Announce your engagement to family & friends privately. With social media taking over as the platform for sharing major life events, my fiancĂ© and I wanted to prioritize sharing our wonderful news with our family and friends personally. I know my grandparents were so grateful to be apart of a family dinner on Sunday when we shared the news to our family first and in person instead of allowing them to hear it over an email or Facebook post. We also have family that lives far away, so what did we do? Thankfully technology has us covered. We utlizied the phone and FaceTime/skype. This will made our moment even more special since we were able to hear and share in their excitement. 

3. Set a budget, which in turn sets your guest list.  Our first step in the wedding planning process was to research costs for weddings and create a spreadsheet to set our budget. We quickly realized that our budget is going to determine the size of our wedding and ultimately our guest list. Unfortunately, the reality is that cost plays a huge part in wedding decisions. We see it as an opportunity to have a more intimate wedding with our closest friends and family. I've also decided that this has to be the most stressful part of the wedding planning. 
{Now my last suggestion, technically needs it's own major bullet but after you've set your budget and target guest #, pick your venue-ASAP, especially if you are set on a specific date or place.}

4. Celebrate by purchasing some bridal magazines, getting a manicure & enjoying the planning process. My friends & family are truly the best! They have spoiled me so much and have truly made getting engaged the joyous time it is. This first month  of being engaged (I can't believe it has already been a month!) has been filled with quality time, magazines and Pinterest pinning marathons and the most thoughtful gifts, including a favorite: Future Mrs. Coffee Mug. I am obsessed with it and can't get over the quality. Be sure to check out this super cute Etsy Shop: Culley Designs. Ashley, the owner is the sweetest. Be sure to tell her Roses&RainBoots sent you :)

5. Enjoy each other! 
Lastly, but most importantly, throughout this crazy and exciting time we are going to prioritize our relationship and each other. Since getting engaged, the number one piece of advice we have been given is to: "make the day all about you two." This constant advice helped us to create some non-negeotibles and the rest will come because at the end of it all we will have each other, forever. 

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