What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Just the other day one of my friends posted this quote on instagram "I never understand why we get so dressed up for Thanksgiving and don't go anywhere, just walking around the kitchen looking fly as ever," and I couldn't agree more. Every year, everyone in my family gets all dressed up and for what... just to move around the kitchen and dining room to eat. I LOVE to dress up, but I also go for comfort on Thanksgiving. Because we all know it's the worst, when your parents start to feel snug and it's only been round one.  My goal for Thanksgiving is to be comfortable & presentable. This cold shoulder dress is the perfect solution!

Thanksgiving is definitely a feel-good holiday. Like all holidays it is filled with good food & even better company. The best part is there isn't the added stress of gifts... speaking of, be sure to check back tomorrow to get the INSIDE scoop on all the Black Friday sales! 
Hope you have a fantastic holiday! 
xx, Lo

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