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Monday, January 9, 2017

Why I love LACE bralette's

Today I'm sharing that even though I have a modest style, lace bralettes are an essential part of my wardrobe! Paired with some casual jeans and a sweater, give any outfit just the right edge. 
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Bralettes are also super comfortable, probably one of the, if not the most comfortable piece of undergarments I own. Unfortunately, Bralettes do not provide a ton of support, which isn't a problem for me, but I know has been an issue for many. The life of a girl #realworldproblems.

Today's look for me, is casual meets chic. A perfect #ootd for a night out during the weekend. This cozy sweater (shop it here), can be worn off the shoulder or with a deep- in the back. I LOVE that there is some extra length in the sleeves and torso, so I don't have to worry about it rising up and showing any midsection. Bonus, if you are petite, I am clearly not, you could easily wear this sweater as a tunic. And it's only $20, thank you SheIn!

On another note, anyone else super excited about The Bachelor tonight?! Nick is not my favorite Bachelor, but I am still super excited the show is back! Personally, I think it's a little suspicious that he is "so able" to fall in love and willing to propose as often as he has, not to mention on  National Television. But, I'm still going to watch and hope this season changes my impression on him. The biggest down fall is that I can't stay up that late, until 10 on a week night and often have to catch up the day after, which means I miss all the fun twitter chats. Speaking of twitter, are we friends yet? Be sure to give me a follow @rosesnrainboots to enjoy all my commentary throughout the show.



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