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Monday, April 17, 2017

Southern Living Y'all

Happy Monday gorgeous! I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I always love the holidays because I love spending time with my family & honoring our traditions. Traditions have been one of the most challenging things I have had to overcome now that I have two families’ that I love and want to spend time with. However; since getting engaged I have learned how nice and fun creating new traditions for the holidays can be. B & I still participate in each other’s favorite family traditions, but we are slowly establishing some new ones to continue, together, as a new family.

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At the time that these pictures were taken, I had only been in South Carolina for two days and I was already in love. I've always thought I was born in the wrong part of the country. I love big midi skirts, never leave the house without a little perfume and doing my hair and always leave room for Church on Sunday's. So it was no wonder that as soon as I saw this "Southern Chic" mug from @randomboutique I knew it was the perfect souvenir.

Did you know that in SC it is against the law to cut down an oak tree? As a result, it is no wonder most streets are lined with centuries old oak trees, intertwining so that it creates a canopy over the road, adding a certain element of charm to each block. This law also preserves a quaint small town vibe, since all major developments happen behind a row of trees, so never fear, you can still find your favorite Chick-fil-a and other favorite chain restaurants & shops, but tucked neatly out of sight.



  1. Yes, I totally get the feeling of establishing new traditions and feeling like you were born in the wrong region! I love the outfit. Super cute! That tank color is perfect!

  2. This is such a cute outfit! Living in the country I love dressing up but never know what would look okay in the country. This is perfect!! I will be looking into purchasing this outfit.
    Julie *

  3. I'm visiting SC right now and I LOVE it here!!! Great weather, friendly people, slower pace.

  4. This is SO cute!! What a perfect laid back look! I just got these earrings in the pink and I think you just convinced me to get the turquoise too. Love them!

  5. this is the cutest Summer outfit! I love the white top! I've not been to Carolina (South or North) but it's on my travel bucket list!

    Ellie |

  6. I love your earrings Lauren! You look gorgeous!
    Alexandra Christine Blog

  7. Adorable outfit! I love your style! Nice addition of that bright turquoise color with the earrings and sunglasses! xx, Lindsay | Paris, Meet Boston |