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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Affordable ways to say "Thank you" to your mom on Mother's Day

Good morning gorgeous! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, literally 4 days away, I wanted to share some easy, no stress, thoughtful gifts for your lovely mama! For me, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to thank all the lovely mothers who have inspired the person I am today.  

One thing I have always admired about my mother was her ability to lead by example. She always showed me how to take risks, be responsible and independent. Although my dad does a lot of heavy lifting in the house, my mom was never afraid to tell me to “grab a corner, we are moving this couch.”

Growing up my mom was special to me because she never forgot her role as mother in exchange for the “friend” title. This is probably one of my biggest takeaway’s that helps me presently as a teacher and hopefully as a future mother.  She would always say “kids need role models they already have plenty of friends.” However; now as a young adult, able to choose my own friends, my mom has become one of the best! I’m lucky to have such a wonderful mother, who I can also call a friend.

Typically, I stress about getting my mom the PERFECT gift, when in reality the perfect gift comes from quality time we can spend together. So, for this Mother’s Day we are spending the day, doing all her favorite things: getting manicures, grabbing breakfast with coffee (a big part of her & my daily routines, I guess you can say I get my coffee addiction from my mama) and weather permitting, some golfing. This also means no phones. In order for this day to be truly successful, I need to be fully present and not distracted by my phone.

I hope today’s post inspires you to think about what makes your mama special to you & that you get to spend some time this Sunday, sharing some of those experiences together!

xx, Lo

And just in case you wanted to spoil your mama with a little something extra, I've linked some affordable gift suggestions that are all available for free 2-day shipping! Also check out this post for even MORE inspiration.



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