Wedding Wednesday: The Bridal Shower ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: The Bridal Shower

Today’s post is about to get personal… so get ready!

The previous weekend was seriously the BEST. I’m not even exaggerating, a few others come to mine in comparison: getting engaged, some fabulous birthdays, traveling abroad etc. but this weekend was definitely one for the books. So… you’re probably wondering “What happened?” Last Saturday, my lovely bridesmaids and beautiful mama threw me the most gorgeous surprise bridal shower. I say surprise because although I knew the date and location I knew NOTHING about the details and the day was absolutely perfect. So, for today I’m dishing all the details about what made this day SO great.

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MAJOR shoutout to my MOH who hand-made all these gorgeous 3D flowers. 
These personal touches meant the world to me & the backdrop made such a statement!

My bridesmaids totally surprised me by taking the Newlywed game to the NEXT LEVEL. 
They asked me a series of questions about B, myself, our relationship, etc. and had pre-prepared video clips of B answering the same questions. It was by far one of my favorite moments of the day.
Seeing pictures like this made me emotional already. 
So, I can only imagine how emotional I'll be on our actual day!
"a fabulous friendship multiples the good in life!"
-author unknown

So what made this day so great...
For starters, my besties did everything. They took control of all the planning, hosting, organizing, etc. without any input from me- which is a total change since I tend to be very OCD and love planning things. But it was fabulous! By my girls and mama taking ownership of the event, they alleviated me of any & all stress, which allowed me to completely relax and enjoy myself and in case you couldn’t tell- I totally did!

Everyone SHOWERED me with love and affection. All of the most important ladies in my life were so generous. They have completely spoiled B & I and we can't wait to save and use all our fabulous gifts in our future home. The games were on point-- be sure to read more about our Newlywed game pictured above.

Lastly, my bridal party made my Pinterest dreams a reality. The girls started the planning process by asking me for my visions, wants, etc. for the day (hold on, wait…actually… I think I started the process by creating a Pinterest board of ideas) but nonetheless the girls took off with it! They created a new secret board (without me) and took all my favorite ideas and made my bridal shower TOTAL GOALS… I mean come on… did you see that table setting? Did you see those gorgeous flowers?? Can you say breathtaking.

Writing this post posed to be such a challenge for me. While writing, I often struggled to find the right words to express how grateful I am for everything. My bridal shower consisted of all my favorite ladies in one place; it was everything I could have ever imagined and more. It will be a memory I will cherish forever. I mean, can we talk about #blessed (but for REAL).
xx, always