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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why you should hire a videographer for your wedding

photo credit: still from Mitchellwoodphotography.com 
exact bathrobe for getting ready // similar diamond necklace (gift from B) // exact shoes, similar pair
the men's ties, we LOVED TheTieBar.com // similar blush dress // exact fur wrap

Y'all have just been so sweet. Since announcing our engagement, last fall, I've received an overwhelming amount of questions and comments about the wedding planning process and I'm so happy to finally start answering them all. I do apologize I was previously so "hush, hush" about the wedding planning prior to our actual wedding; but, B and I put a lot of thought into every decision we made and we really wanted it to be a surprise for all of our guests on the actual day and in my opinion it was totally worth it! 

Shop some of the items featured in our video: 

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is:  Is a videographer worth the money? 

Throughout the wedding planning process, I had a specific vision of what I hoped our day would look like for us & B was very supportive of this. But at the same time, we also had a budget. So from one of our very first days of wedding planning,  B and I created a list of our non-negotiables.  For example, photos were extremely important to us because that's how we were/ are going to remember the day, after all. Additionally, food was a big deal for B. After choosing our must have's and budget, we began our research. We understand that it's easy to feel pressure to sign a contract for the first vendor, but we also found it was worth the wait to find a vendor, who not only was in our budget, but was also someone we loved and were confident with. 

One of the items on our wish list was a videographer. I was frequently told I wouldn't watch the video often and it wasn't worth the money, while that may be true for some; this one minute video (and it's only just our teaser) has brought so much joy into my heart it was more than worth it. 

What they say is true: the actual day, our wedding day, went by so fast. Throughout the day, I was living and cherishing every moment, it wasn't until the next morning that I understood, because just like that, it was over. Our wedding video captures all the best moments and helps us to relive our happiest day

Disclaimer: watching this video will cause you to want to hit replay. 

For more information about our talented videographer: Mitchellwoodphotography.com

What we say about Mitch:
We LOVED working with Mitch! Prior to the wedding, he responded to my countless emails, as well as, phone chats, including a FaceTime, where we went over our hopes and vision of the day. His dedication to our wedding gave us complete confidence in the quality of his work and he did not disappoint. Featured in our video teaser are two aerial shots of the Church that Mitch surprised us with! Not featured are the countless funny faces I continuously made into the camera all day, making Mitch's job probably a bit more challenging.



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