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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Book Reviews 2018- part three

This post is long overdue and I apologize for the delay. I have been lacking in motivation, as well as struggling for inspiration and even just the right words to get blog posts done. Although, I worry they haven't been missed. However; with that being said, I've missed blogging. I love being able to share my sense of fashion, my love of books and more with y'all. So as always, thank YOU for following along! 

The Best Yes
Let me start by just saying how much I LOVE Lysa TerKeurst! She is simply one of those amazing people who has a complete understanding of her faith and uses that to influence and guide her daily choices. After switching jobs, I found reading this text so validating. Whenever you are new to a job, there's a desire to make a good impression and most often that feels like saying 'yes' to every and all committee.  This easy read reminded me how to prioritize and know when to say no, to avoid spreading myself too thin.

This book was recommended to me at a Middle School Professional Development and it was so worth it. Every Middle School teacher should read this text, seriously though, it's not just for the literacy "LA" teacher. 

The Perfect Nanny
Warning: this is not a book for mother's of young children. The book begins when you learn the nanny is accused of murdering the two children she is responsible of carrying for (I promise that is not a spoiler alert) and then rewinds and takes the reader on a journey leading up to the major event. Even at the end of the story I wanted more. I really wanted to learn more about the process the detective was about to undergo. Although a bit of a disturbing topic, it is a quick and engaging read that you can finish in a day.

This Love Story will Self Destruct
This book was good; although not my favorite. It wasn't an easy read like I was expecting and hoping for. I felt the characters were too disengaged with the plot/their life and therefore, I found them to be un-relatable. However; with that being said, if you live in a city, especially NYC this book will definitely be more relatable for you! Have you read this book? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Lock & Key
I love anything by Sarah Dessen. She was one of my favorite author's to read while I was in high school and I was excited to enjoy this quick read over Easter weekend (I told you this post was way overdue). Young adult authors have such an unique and critical lane. They have the task of writing about the difficult, real life struggles teens have to encounter, and this book does not disappoint. 

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