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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Gift Guide for EVERYONE on your list (2018)

SO many of you responded on Instagram with such great requests for upcoming posts! Y'all wanted gift guides for family members, cool younger brothers, your mom, hostess and more. Since 78% on Instagram are still shopping, and to hopefully help y'all shop efficiently, I've rounded up two of my best gift guides to fit all your shopping needs!

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For the girl in your life: 
(including the hostess, mom, grandmother, etc.) 

Unique cutting board (more affordable option)- I love a good cutting board. Stylish serving boards, as pictured, are not only chic but also practical and useful. This would be a great "need" gift.

Ornaments- A classic or unique ornament is such a personal and thoughtful gift. I love a classic white, gold, or silver ornament because it is sure to match any theme.

S'well bottles- These will forever be one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. They are so fun and offer a variety of colors and styles to fit everyone's needs. Plus they keep your drinks super warm or cold. I love this new style!

Reusable Straws- I feel so behind the times because I don't already have this pack of reusable straws. It seems to be the one everyone is using. It's cute and helps save the sea turtles, what's not to love?

Books- Books make the best gifts & look great on the coffee table. I feel like the list is never ending of all the books I hope to read in the upcoming new year.

For the man in your life: 
(including husbands, dads, little brothers, etc.)
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To help ensure I'm directing Y'all in the right direction I enlisted B's help! He was so excited to share some suggestions but refused to write anything about them. He said he much prefers to be behind the scenes. LOL. Anyway, here goes nothing.

Top 5 Highlights of Brandon's Favorite Items
Sports Gear- guys are SO loyal to their sports teams. They also can never seem to have enough sports stuff. B loves hockey, so we tend to get all sorts of gear for him: hats, shirts, golf balls, etc.

Grilling-B has wanted a grill forever.. and the options with a gift like this are endless. Grab some marinating sauce and a few gadgets for the stocking, and you are good to go! Since B has yet to purchase a grill... guess he is out of luck on this one!

Cologne- I was SO surprised to see this on his list! This is such a thoughtful gift for the man in your life!

Slippers- Every guy needs a good pair of slippers. And usually, they need to be replaced every year. This is the go-to gift of mine. Along with wallets, ties, and other basics.

Technology- My husband is OBSESSED with Alexa and all the gadgets that go with it. If you don't already have a google home or Alexa I highly recommend this as the perfect gift for any guy in your life!



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