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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Gift Guide: Want, Need, Wear & Read

What we do for gifts?

As I’ve mentioned once, twice, or many times on the blog, B and I love to plan ahead and budget. We set aside money all year long, so Christmas is a time we enjoy and not a feeling of stress. Also, for the past couple of years, we narrowed our lens for shopping to just stockings and four gifts. Stockings will always be my favorite part of Christmas, thanks mom! We also always wrap every item and take turns opening items one by one. However; since adding this new tradition, I cannot express enough how much I LOVE the four gift challenge. 

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What is the four gift challenge? 
The four gift challenge is based on four key topics: want, need, wear, and read. 

Want- The want genre probably has to be everyone's favorite topic. This can be anything that you would typically ask Santa for. It's an option to treat yourself. 

Need- This is such a great category for all the practical gift givers out there. My dad, in particular, loves practical gifts. One year, I got a car scraper that comes with a mitten attached so it would keep my hand warm while I was cleaning off my car. I still use it today!

Wear- As Y'all probably could guess, I need a section, or two, or three for wear. Some of my favorites to ask for are boots and jackets. For some reason, I seem to always get B shoes LOL.

Read- I absolutely LOVE the read section and actually struggle to narrow it down to one read. I've since learned to be a little more creative and "read" doesn't necessarily restrict itself to one book, it could be multiple. It also could be a cookbook or lego set where you have to read the directions. 

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  1. This is so awesome, love this four gift challenge!! My favorite thing is my stocking too, so fun!

    xx, Elise