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Monday, January 7, 2019

Coffee Hour with Lo, Taking a look at the Blog's Yearly Review

It's hard to believe that just 3 years ago, B gifted me a camera and blogging for dummies book for Christmas, and I started the blog right then and there. We ran outside to snap a quick photo, which made the blog here. As I reflect back, I wish I had more confidence (still working on it) to share the blog with friends and family. On the one hand, I totally went for it. I didn't have any experience with a blog or HTML codes. I didn't even have a LiketoKnow.It account. I followed a few bloggers and had a deep love of passion.
On the other hand, It took months for me even to tell my friends I had created one and I'm still hesitant to say to people now. I think the fear comes from "pushing" the blog on someone. However; one of my goals for 2019 is to get over that fear! I have a blog, obviously. So, this is going to be the year for owning it!

Today, we are taking a look back at your favorite posts from 2018 on Instagram and the Blog. Additionally, I'll be sharing all my plans and goals for the upcoming 2019 year. So settle in and let's take a trip down memory lane.

This year was especially fun because I felt that 2018 was the year my blog finally started to take flight. As I said before, I went into blogging, instagram, etc. starting at ground zero. I didn't know what I was doing and after a lot, I mean a lot of trial and error I feel like I have finally started to figure this thing out! I'm so grateful that Y'all are loving following along, as much as I love creating content. 

In order to really gauge what everyone's loving, I reviewed a couple of my analytics and am sharing those all today. 

I was really excited to see that some of your favorite items from my top nine posts on Instagram in 2018 are still items that are available and in my current wardrobe rotation! I'm hoping to bring back a lot of these similar photos this year just with updated pieces.

Shop items from your favorite posts on Instagram:
*Going in order from top (left to right) to bottom

 heart sweatshirt (currently out of stock) similar option // J.Crew pink coat // pumps
this year's sweater (same store/brand), over the knee boots // thermal // *wedding*

Also, I've rounded up the top 3 MOST PURCHASED items from the blog & Instagram that are still in stock:

Los Gatos Fleece (Patagonia). This is such a classic that will never go out of style. I also have these two sweatshirts here and here. And gifted B this one a year years ago. 
Knee-High Boots. I feel like these boots speak for themselves (and they are on sale!)
J.Crew Wool Melton Duffle Coat. This item is another closet staple. It is definitely an investment piece, but the quality is outstanding (also on sale). 

I was so overjoyed to see that everyone's favorite and most popular post on the blog from 2018 was...

drumroll, please...

It really my makes my heart so full knowing that Y'all are enjoying the personal and everyday posts mixed with fashion. This post will forever hold a special place in my heart because it allows me to share some really important aspects in my life.

The next two most-viewed posts were the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 First Impressions and How to Dress Preppy in Your Late 20's. The Nordstrom post makes me laugh because I almost didn't make the post since the photos weren't the best. However; these stats have just encouraged my blog to just go for it. No one is perfect and hey try-on's are real life. As we move in 2019, you can definitely look forward to more posts geared towards all your favorites: sales!

As I reflect back on the year 2018, one of the biggest challenges about having a blog is keeping up with items that are fully in stock. I love fashion, but one thing I love a balance between purchasing timeless pieces that will last for seasons to come and trendy pieces. Unfortunately, retailers don't always carry the exact item year to year.  With that said, I want to issue a *Disclaimer: if it is a similar item, I do not own that exact item so it will not be exactly the same as pictured. However; I do my best to link specific items; however, I take the time to read the reviews and find similar items for y'all to shop.

One of my goals for Roses and Rain Boots in 2019 is to showcase more workwear. We all crave casual wear. As a result, casual wear will continue to be shared frequently on both the blog & Instagram. However; in the coming year, Y'all can anticipate seeing sprinkles of workwear mixed throughout. Including, tips for purchasing items that work for casual wear and work. Additionally, how I budget for both work, casual wear, and keeping up with the trends to share on the blog. 

Additionally, another one of my goals is to be more me! I have gotten so many requests (which is just the sweetest thing) to get requests from Y'all wanting to see more of B and mine day to day life, everyday hacks, home decor, etc. We are a bit bummed that we didn't find a house in 2018, but we love our temporary place. I'm trying to become more at peace with things this year and not stress the small stuff. Usually, I would have been disappointed that we didn't find the perfect house and would have perseverated about this. Instead, I've decided to look at the brighter side of things. We have a beautiful new home, that is helping us learn a lot about the types of features we want in a house. Now, I'm confident that when we find a house, it will be because it's perfect (for us).



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