Sneak Peek at the Nordstrom Sale 2019 ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Sneak Peek at the Nordstrom Sale 2019

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is definitely one of the most, if not the MOST talked about sale of the year. I'm not even exaggerating when I say this. And if you follow more than one blogger like myself, then I'm sure your instagram is blowing up with coverage on the sale.

So why is every blogger covering the sale??? Everyone & their mother is covering the sale because it's literally the busiest time of the year for bloggers. This sale is different from others because it is NEW items. The sale features new items that will be perfect for fall at a discounted price. This is compared to other sales, which are current/ end of the season items they are offering a discount on. And since there is such a limited time to shop, we have to get all our best content out ASAP. Think of it as the blogging/fashion Christmas (just without all the decorations).

With that being said, if you LOVE following me,
which I hope that you do, please bookmark this page. So you can return to it when you are ready to shop. Doing this will help me earn a very small commission. Basically, it helps fund the blog so I can keep sharing awesome content for y'all and it lets me know what, where, etc. y'all want to shop!!
This year they broke down the shopping days even more. Icons and Ambassadors, get to shop starting today in stores & then online starting Thursday morning. I do think because of the way Nordstrom broke down their shopping this year, more things will sell out even faster than before. I've been asked a few times, why I'm not shopping during the Icon/ Ambassador time frame, it's because it's all based on the amount you spend at Nordstrom during the year. And while I LOVE Nordstrom and investing in some classic pieces, I think my husband would be extremely angry with me if I reached one of those statuses. After all, we are saving for a house.

With that said, no judgement here on how much or how little YOU want to spend to treat yourself. While the sale is SO exciting (and overwhelming, I urge you to ONLY buy & spend what you are comfortable with. I've been saving every Nordstrom buck or gift card I've received over the past year so I can shop guilt free!

I asked y'all what you are shopping for this year during the sale and you said: 
boots, booties, sweater(s), and work/closet basics. 

So in effort to be your number one resource during the sale I've rounded up all of those items in my sneak peek!

Without furthered lets get started...
Frye Boots sale price: 249.90 after sale: 397.90
I bought my first & only pair of Frye boots during the sale over 3 years ago and they still look good as new. I highly recommend investing in this pair if you're looking for a good pair of riding boots.

Steve Madden Booties sale price: 86.90 after sale: 129.95
A pair of booties is on my list this year and this pair might just be it. How cute are they? I love the wooden heel. 

Madewell Ryder Cardigan sale price: 64.90 after sale: 98.00
Y'all know I LOVE my Madewell cardigans. I will be adding this one to my cart ASAP.

Halogen Cashmere Wrap/ Scarf sale price: 98.90 after sale: 149.00
This is one of those items that the price tag holds me back, but I love it and know it will be an investment, timeless piece that will keep for years to come. 

Lace trim Cami sale price: 25.90 after sale: 39.00
I bought the black and white last year and cannot say enough good things. I will be re-purchasing the white one, because I love it that much. 

AG Prima Ankle Jean sale price: 149.90 after sale: 225.00
Again, the price tag makes me think "ouch" but these jeans will be my fall staple so they are worth the $ Plus I've only ever heard good things about AG denim. 



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