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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Coffee & Diamonds, let's talk about self care with Hello Noemie Diamonds


I am feeling so spoiled as we continue to be blessed with some spring weather. It's helped curb my winter blues. I'm feeling really inspired and looking forward to the upcoming months. B & I have some travel plans we are looking forward too. Traveling for me is definitely part of my self care routine. Obviously, it's not something we can do all the time, but I find having things to look forward to really helps to motivate me, and keep my spirits high. 


Speaking of being spoiled, I've been eyeing Hello Noemie rings for a while now and so appreciate that they gifted me this gorgeous band! I love their vision of making luxury jewelry accessible for women! In the spirit of their mission, I opted for the free engraving and had "girl boss" engraved on the inside of my ring.

Spring is the perfect time to focus on YOU! Typically November and December, we spend months shopping and spoiling others. Then it's the heart of winter, and it's time to take inventory of the closet.   And Valentine's Day may be over, but self love is still going strong! YOU are amazing, so why not treat yourself??  I've heard from a lot of you, that like me you are also trying to be more intentional, purposeful, and thoughtful about each purchase. As a result, I've been opting for quality over quantity.

Hello Noemie is such an affordable way to add quality pieces to your collection. I knew this ring would add to my collection of timeless and classic pieces. It a key piece in building my capsule wardrobe the jewelry edit. It looks great stacked or styled alone. It's safe to say, I am completely swooning over my new eternity band.

Part of self-care for me, means treating myself. Whether it's get a manicure, going on a trip, meeting a friend for coffee, or adding a new piece of jewelry to my collection it's all centered around adding joy to my life.



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