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Monday, August 3, 2020

DIY Vanity Dresser

Hello lovely, we have another DIY project coming at ya today!

I'm so excited that y'all were inspired by our DIY painted dresser to update some of your own furniture. I'm all about repurposing to elongate the life of something. For example, when decorating during seasons I often go "shopping in my own home" looking for decorations around the home that can be moved and rearranged to create a refresh.

For this project, it's very similar to our Picnic Table DIY (found here).

We had to begin the tedious process of sanding, priming, painting, sanding again, painting, sanding, and this priming.

Let's talk details: 
In order to prepare the dresser for painting, the entire thing needed to be sanded ( back and the inside of the drawers excluded). After the dresser is sanded, the furtniture needs to be prepped, you do this by vacuuming all the shavings left over from sanding. It's important to apply even pressure while sanding (this is especially important when staining).

After the dresser had been wiped down, it was ready to be painted. I found a color from googling different grey's online and found this one that we chose to use. Now it's just regular interior paint. We made the choice to use it because my dresser isn't high traffic, like a coffee table. For this dresser we originally had intended on only using two coats, but then I changed my mind about the knobs and decided I wanted to fill the knobs to make it a two-hole pull drawer knob, to a single knob. This required us to fill the wholes, lightly sand, and paint the dresser drawers again. As a result, we ended up applying a third coat to the entire thing.

Lastly, we lightly sanded the dresser, cleaned it, and applied a sealer. And there you have it!

The Products:

After the dresser was finished, it was time to decorate! Let's be honest, decorating is the best part for me. I love seriously love the process but can't wait for the end vision to come together. I've been eyeing tis Anthropologie mirror for years. Seriously, it's one of those items that is just such an elegant, timeless, statement. I also know I will have so much fun using it in our future home.

With the mirror in mind, I wanted to find gold accents that would compliment it, but also have a purpose. Gold trays are a great way to keep the top of a dresser (which can sometimes becoming a holding spot) neat and tidy. The trays also help to keep me more intentional, only storing what is actually needed in the space.





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