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Monday, May 9, 2016

Flower Crown & My Cost/Wear Algorithm

So I told have y'all before that I know what I LOVE when it comes to trends and flower crowns are definitely a trend I love. It makes me feel like a 70's child (embracing the flower and love... not everything else, I know what you were thinking!) Besides loving to try new trends that fit in with my style I am also about saving money. 

When it comes to a trend or something I realistically can not wear all the time then I try to get the item under $20. I took a fashion course in high school and the teacher's philiopshy was spend however much you see fit on a pair of jeans as long as you could rationalize cost/per times worn. So for example, I love Hudson jeans (my exact pair linked here. OBSESSED) which run about $150-$180 depending upon style/sale/etc. I know I will wear them at least 20 times this summer and I will own this pair of jeans for at least three years (I make it a rule to donate clothes every spring and summer). So if you wear these jeans 20 times over 3 years, thats 60 times and divide that by the original cost of $180 (we will aim high to prove my point) then the jeans only cost you $3 per a wear! That's definitely within my budget because I know I probably realistically these jeans 50 times over the course of spring and summer, bringing the cost/wear down even more. 

You're probably thinking how does this relate to you? Maybe you would never spend more than $50 for jeans, my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. But he knows that I am very thoughtful about every purchase I make. I only make a purchase if the item truly sings to my heart and most importantly wear it. Sometimes I absolutely LOVE something but know I will never wear it, like today's Flower Crowns. Realistically I will only wear this headband maybe 10 times, but even that's a lot. So, say I will only wear the headband 5 times.  I purchased this headband at the Icing, y'all remember that store, for only $5.00. And yes I will absolutely pay $1/wear this summer to completely embrace my inner 70's flower power chic. Money well spent in my mind! 

I absolutely love today's outfit because it completely reflects my style. I was talking to my friend Reena the other day and was telling her I didn't think I really had a style and that's when she helped me define or label my style. She instantly replied "yes, you do!" Your style is... 

Are you ready for it?

I'm not so sure you are...

My style is "Sweet, classic and feminine." 

I love mixing trends, believe glitter and pink are always the answer. I love to feel girlie. High heels are always a favorite. I like to be mindful about spending money. I really love high end designers like Tory Burch, Hudson, Madewell and J.Crew but I also love to find a bargain, so thank you Target for keeping up with the latest trends at affordable rates. 

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  1. Lauren, I love those wedges so much! They work so well with every outfit you wear, and look great against your skintone. Nude shoes are so difficult for me since I am on the glowing side of the pale scale, haha. I am going to use your algorithm when I am making more expensive purchases to ensure that the price is worth it, wonderful advice!

    Ashlee Liz

  2. You are too cute! Love this look and those shoes are amazing!


  3. I love the flower crowns! They are so you! Adorable!

  4. I love this post! Its a good reminder of two things: don't feel bad if you spend a lot on something you will wear, ALL THE TIME and also don't over spend on something that is a fad or a fun item. I think about this with my cell phone. I always buy the newest one and spend over $800 on the iPhone 6 plus last year but I carry it every single day and use it every single day. I will probably have it 18 months and be able to sell it so really its like .50 a day. To make me happy, monthly well spent!
    Also that outfit is adorable! I love the neutral tones for Spring!
    Xo, Tara

  5. that flower crown looks absolutely gorg on you!! Loving this outfit babe :)
    xoxo www.thehouseofsequins.com

  6. Love the blush cardi and the flower crown is too cute!

    Emily at Style Cubby

  7. You are too cute! I love this flower crown and how you styled it in the perfect, everyday look. Pink is totally your color <3

  8. Beautiful outfit, so chic and pretty!


  9. I Iove flower crowns! I recently purchased one for $13 at H&M which according to your logic is too much to spend on a flower crown. I don't disagree but I really like it. Hehe. I love your outfit and those wedges are gorgeous! They're the first thing that caught my eye. Love them! You look beautiful my dear. Xoxo

  10. Super cute! I love flower crowns, they make everything look more adorable!

  11. Great outfit babe! Loving all the details!! That crown is darling and I just love those shoes and bag!! xo

  12. Love the colours of this look on you, and the crown. (You should so wear it more than 5 times!- I do CPW as well.) Gorgeous! Hugs, Kait

  13. You are beautiful!!! Love your thought process before purchasing an item. It totally makes sense. Loving the flower crown too.

  14. Sweet, classic and feminine perfectly sum up this outfit! You wear a flower crown so very well! I always use the cost per wear as well to rationalize purchase. If I can get it down to under a dollar for tops, I'm always super proud of myself:)
    Darling, Dearest

  15. My goodness, I love your style! I love how classy and practical it is. Also, that whole price/wear formula is a great way to make more thoughtful purchases. Thanks for that tip :)

    Chelsea | http://coffeewithchels.com