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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meet some of my Insta Squad

Today I want to introduce you to some of the wonderful ladies I have met through blogging. I saw the other day Ben Higgins with his Fiance Lauren (such a bachelor fan) were with two of the girls from the show. Immediately addressing many peoples assumptions Ben stated: "You may find this awkward, but we just believe you can meet friends in any way" This stands true with these ladies. I have completely connected with many ladies in the blogging world and am so grateful to have them as support and motivators. 

Meet Hanna from New York! She consistently posts the most amazing food pictures that always make me envy with hunger! She actually started her blog with the intentions of discovering & documenting more about her home, including shops, bars, restaurants, hot spots and other exciting things. Read more at: The Naturalized New Yorker

Meet Chelsea, she is so sweet. She has amazing insight to the world of social media since she does the PR for her company. She also has the best book club page, where she lists and summarizes her top reads. Read more at: The Crooked Hammer

Meet Eva who has such a sweet life living in Northern, CA. Eva always posts the best outfit posts at some glorious sunny place in CA that has me wishing I could hop on a plane right away. She is also the beauty who introduced me to these wonderful ladies so for that I am ever thankful to her! Read more at: Simply Evahxo

Meet Katelyn is my coffee twin. Like me, she has a mug obsession and has the cutest mug collection. Plus she is a bride to be! You can catch glimpses of her ring in some of her insta picks. She also literally has the best flat lays. I'm obsessed. Katelyn is not only a talented writer she has a great section on DIY. Read more at: Katelyn Blogs

Meet Charlie & Kimmy over at besties with an eye for all things fabulous & stylish. Their instagram feed has the best ashthetic to it! Plus they are as excited as I am for the Gilmore Girls reveal. They also love the twitter world, it's how they met most of these ladies & started this fab group. Read more at: Eat Love Wear

Meet Ashlee who is a Nashville girl. She lives my dream life of being in the center of the home to some of my favorite country artists! however; she is so modest and makes me feel better by complaining about the "traffic". Ashlee is great at writing what her readers want! She shares a lot of helpful blogging tips! Read more at: Ashlee Liz

Meet Savannah she has a great and witty sense of humor that comes out so clearly and beautifully in her blog posts. Her latest post about finals week had my literally LOLing out loud. She is also a southerner (dream life) and embraces life by celebrating all the little things! Read more at: Always, S 

Meet Alessia, although the baby in the group, this lady is fierce and fabulous. For being so young she is so confident and fabulous. I love her fashion posts. Plus she is continuosuly inspired by the best, such as: Mary-Kate & Ashley and Audrey Hepburn. Read more at: Haute & Houndstooth



  1. I love this so much! Thanks for introducing me to these great #Girlbosses! :)

    xx Kasey

    Love the "community over competition!"

    1. I completely agree Kasey! Blogging is so much more fun with friends & supporters xoxo