Wednesday, June 7, 2017

j.crew stripes & a beach cruiser

If you're anything like me, then everything girlie & pink is a must. Therefore, when I moved walking distance to a beach I NEEDED (there's that word again) a beach cruiser. And it was totally worth it! As a result, today I'm sharing reasons you need a bike, and not just ANY bike, specifically: a beach cruiser. 

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For starters, bikes are fun! I LOVE cruising (get it, cruising on beach cruiser?!) on my bike around town. It is also practical, it serves as transportation that is also environmentally savvy. Additionally, riding a bike helps to keep me active, which in turn helps me maintain a healthy & fit lifestyle. It also helps me to have great posture while riding! (something I am constantly trying to work on). 

However; the main reason I chose this specific bike is because beach cruisers are extremely feminine. And speaking of feminine... today's look on the blog, features a girlie eyelet skirt paired with a classic striped shirt. This outfit is a particular favorite of mine because eyelets always remind me of summer. 



  1. Such a beautiful look! Love the soft color palette. And you bike is great!

    xx, Elise

  2. Lovely girl perfect match.