summer date night ideas ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

summer date night ideas

One of my favorite things about summer is that I don't need to wear a jacket when I go on a date! I know this sounds silly, but seriously, I am always cold. Over the years I have found that despite how many times I wear jeans and the perfect tank top I'm always cold. And having to match a jacket with my look doesn't always work.  However; I have found the perfect solution. After some reflecting on past date night outfits, I found that despite what I was wearing, it is always my chest and my arms that were cold. So instead of my staple jeans & a cute top, this summer, I opted for long sleeves and denim shorts. 

The result: an easy, practical, and chic summer date night look

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After participating in pre-martial classes through our local Church, B & I have since learned that one of our love languages is quality time together. As a result, we are trying to prioritize summer date nights. There is nothing like coming home after a long day at work (usually for B since it's summer for me) and it's so tempting for him to want to stay at home and basically "unwind." However; in efforts to fill my love language, as an alternative B & I have been taking advantage of nice weather and choosing one of our favorite date night activities; which also happen to be a mood booster.

Some of our favorite summer dates are:
  • Go for walks together- this is a great de-stressor
  • Exercise together- B loves (I'm not sure he would use this word) to bike, while I go for a run
  • Bring dinner to concerts on the beach 
  • Grab grinders, a good read, and watch the sunset on the beach
  • Eat outdoors- We pick places based on their outdoor seating. My favorite thing is to get dressed up for some wine & apps on an outdoor patio.