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Friday, August 25, 2017

emma lynn

I am so excited about today's post because it features a local CT girl boss who makes custom clutches, known as: Emma Lynn Designs.  I specifically feel in love with her brand because of her own style inspiration: "Why settle for a one-size-fits-all accessory when every other part of your life is one-of-a-kind?" 

I love fashion because it's such an easy and fun way to express myself. I love to find statement pieces that will stand out and grab people's attention, but are also practical and useful. This clutch is easily one of those pieces. 

Shop the post: 

At Emma Lynn Designs, the clutches are totally customizable so it fits everyone's unique and personal style. I love floral prints, but rarely wear them for fear the prints are usually "too young" or "too old." However; this brightly colored print set on a navy backdrop is the perfect floral with a preppy feel. 

After I chose my print, I then had to choose wrist strap (yes), interior color, which of course, I love pink, so I chose that as my interior color. And lastly, I got to choose to add a monogram. But because my print is especially busy, I chose to add the monogram on the inside, which is always a great conversation starter when making a purchase. These clutches are a beautiful, fun and practical way to add some statement to my everyday outfits



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