Summer vibes ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, August 28, 2017

Summer vibes

And just like that my summer vacation is officially over! I cannot believe it. Where did the time go?? Although, truth be told I am actually really excited to get back to work & back to a routine. I know people say living life “scheduled” isn’t living. And I completely agree. I love to take surprise day trips with B and make plans on the go (we are especially bad with making dinner plans, I usually change my mind while en-route to one restaurant) However; having some consistency in my daily life actually helps improve my productivity.  But before I completely jump back in to work today I’m sharing a recap of my THREE favorite things this summer.

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      First up, Ogunquit, Maine- My family and I have been traveling to OGT for a long weekend during the summer for over 20 years now and I am so blessed that B gets to join us for the fun. The weekend is one a highlight because it includes some of my favorite things: beach, excellent cocktails, long walks along the marginal way and best of all quality time with the family.

Next, the Jack and Jill Shower—our couple shower was probably one of the best events this summer because, together, we were showered with love by his family. This has gotten me seriously excited for my upcoming Bridal Shower—I mean how am I supposed to handle it when all my favorite people are in one place?! eee, so exciting! ((eee is a noise I make when I’m overly excited and don’t feel words can do it justice))

      Lastly, Summer Concerts on the Beach- these events are definitely a favorite. First up, the concerts are free! Secondly, they are on the beach, translation, amazing views of the sunset. And finally, it's an opportunity to be outside and dance. We enjoy this time with friends and often bring dinner with us, picnic-style.

      I hope you enjoyed my summer recap. What is your favorite thing from summer this year?? 

xx, always



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