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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

birthday's are the best days

Happy Halloween y'all & happy birthday to me! I love this fall look so much because it's seriously a staple of mine. If you haven't already picked up one of these cardigans you NEED too. It's the perfect top to throw on for errands on the weekend and it can be dressed up with a pencil skirt & pumps for a fun twist on the typical #workfashion. Bean boots are such a classic and so practical. They are on every preppy girl's must have's (more on my must have's for fall to come- stay tuned). I also own about ten pairs of these camp socks. They are my FAVORITE socks. I wear them around the house like slippers and also love them with boots. They make for a fun winter look when paired with a short skirt, tights and booties.

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Now for the title of today's post: Birthday's are the BEST days. I truly believe that. Growing up my mom always took special care to make the littlest of things a big celebration. For example, I will always remember that every year on my birthday I was greeted with a balloon tied to my chair. This was such a simple and thoughtful gesture that totally made my day!  I love it so much I plan to carry this tradition on for my own f u t u r e (way in the future so don't even ask when) children. 

So yesterday, on Instagram I asked if y'all wanted to see a Q&A post or Top Items for Fall, and it was so split that I figured I would post about both. So get ready! Today I'm sharing a quick Q & A on the top 5 fashion questions I am most asked & that y'all want to know the answers too!

Best Shampoo & Conditioner? 
I have been using Redken products for years and absolutely love them. Although it is a more expensive shampoo, I believe in spending a little extra on products that are directly on my skin. I personally love their blonde idol shampoo and recently switched to their newest diamond oil conditioner. I also just added a purple shampoo into my rotation to keep my latest highlights "white blonde." Blonde hair has a tendency to turn "brassy" and purple shampoo helps to curb the process.

What's the number one item to splurge on? 
This question was SO difficult because personally I LOVE... jeans. But, seriously, I have an obsession with them. I think it's because I'm so tall I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pair. However; sidebar, I just ordered a new pair, literally just last night, and think I may have found a winner-- so I'll share my thoughts on those once they arrive. But if I'm really thoughtful about my answer then I totally splurge on handbags. My parents gifted me my first "real" designer bag when I graduated from college and I still use that Tory Burch satchel to this day! It's actually my most "favorited" bag by y'all-- so in my opinion, it was totally worth it.

Favorite perfume? 
Oh my gosh, I just recently bought the BEST perfume! And I'm completely obsessed, I have to refrain from wearing it all the time because I bought it specifically as my signature scent for the wedding. But before I made the purchase (because perfume is ridiculously expensive) I read a ton of reviews online on various perfumes and this was consistently a fan favorite, spoiler alert: it did not disappoint. I can't even explain to you how amazing it smells-- I guess you'll just have to try it out for yourself, shop it here.

I'm sick of the clothes in my closet, but don't want to buy new items... how do I use these items to create new looks?
I say all the time my mother is my inspiration for outfits. She is truly the best packer, because she is SO good at making outfits. Over the years I've learned: Neutrals are her thing! Black, cream, and navy are her go-to's. Personally, I'm more of a cream, tan, grey gal myself, but nonetheless you get the idea. We also invest in timeless pieces: vests, leopard accessories, and layering cardigans and always shop sales! To create new looks pick one base piece: say a black skirt. Then add a cream blouse or tank and printed sweater, finish the look with your favorite pumps. I usually top my look off with my favorite denim jacket (that I wear wayyyy to much) or my favorite vest.

Favorite beauty product?

I cannot live without mascara. It is the easiest way to quickly look polished. Besides my eyes look tired without it. Shop my favorites here and here.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions & I hope y'all enjoyed the post! 
xx always, 



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