bow sleeves- the "it" sweater for fall ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, October 23, 2017

bow sleeves- the "it" sweater for fall

Happy Monday! This week is especially exciting for me because I will be attending two full days at a conference all about teaching reading. I know, most people are surprised to learn that there is actually numerous research-based approaches to teaching reading and that these approaches are ever changing & evolving. I think my favorite part of teaching (minus working with the students) is the uncertainty in a sense that comes from every day being different and the curriculum that is always changing, so I never feel like I 'know it all'. As an educator, I am constantly reflecting and eager to learn new things. So for the next two days I will be completely "nerding" (yes, I made an adjective a verb) as I get to be inspired by some of the best educators in the country.

shop the look:

For today's outfit I am styling the "it" sweater of the season. Fancy sleeves are the biggest trend for fall and I'm a fan. I plan on bringing a few different styles with me, this one included, on our upcoming honeymoon! Trendy sweaters are an easy way to polish off an outfit. Additionally, if you haven't already, grab yourself a neutral pair of OTK (over the knee) boots. I splurged on this particular pair (which is available again this year) last year after Christmas and am so happy I got them. They are so verstile. They look great on the weekends with jeans and a casual sweater (pictured) or with a shorter skirt & turtle neck sweater. My biggest tip about OTK boots are think conservative. The boots are such a statement piece, so I prefer to keep the rest of my outfit relatively modest.
xx, always 


  1. You look really amazing in that dress and I love your smile. Since winter is here, I think I will be getting a sweater similar to yours because it looks just amazing.

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