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Friday, December 15, 2017

last minute gift guide for the girlie girl in your life

I am so excited about today's post because it is Free Shipping Day! This is a one-day event that guarantees delivery for Christmas and I've got gift ideas for you. I consider myself a total girlie girl so in honor of that today's gift guide is all about last minute gifts for the fashionista in your life!
For the past couple years, actually ever since B came into my life (and my family's life, we had only been together for a few months and B stayed to have Christmas morning with my family and I) we have been following a  guide for our gift giving. We buy and exchange gifts with
4 key categories in mind:
want, wear, read, and need.
So for today's post I have organized my gift ideas for the girlie girl in your life by these four categories. Although, they don't always have to stay in each category. B is really creative with his gifts. For example, he might label winter boots as a need (since we do live in New England and have to shovel) to throw me off.

This category, at least for me, is always my wish list! Currently there are a lot of items that could be considered "wear" but I put them as my want because I don't necessarily need them as part of my wardrobe or they aren't as practical as black boots or a winter hat.
David Yurman Bracelet- This is what a wish list is for, right?!
Crossbody Bags- I LOVE these crossbody bags, they come in a variety of bright colors and  can be monogrammed.. enough said? I think so.
Large Monogram Necklace- I was gifted my gold monogram necklace a few years back and it has remained one of my favorites! It is truly a classic piece. Every girl needs one.


Earrings-  Baublebar seriously have the best statement earrings. I have been eyeing this pair in particular. These earrings would be great for any upcoming holiday parties!
Over the Knee Boots- I have these boots in tan and love them SO much, I asked for the black pair for Christmas. I can't wait to pair the black pair with some black dresses or chic skirts.
Winter Hat- I love winter hats, especially if they have a pompom. I'm loving this lilac color.

Girl Boss- I don't think I've ever laughed out loud more from a book. It's so empowering. I truly believe every girl should read this book.
Why Not Me- I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book and how quickly I read it. It is extremely relatable. I loved it so much, now I want to read her other book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.
The Power of a Praying Wife- I am so excited to read this book. I downloaded the sample on my kindle and was instantly nodding and saying "mmhm." This book reminds me of mindfulness, the author suggests instead of complaining to your husband about the little things turn your thoughts towards prayer and putting faith in God.

iPhone Case- this case is practical, affordable and cute- sounds like a to me.
hands-free device- it's against state law in Connecticut to drive while talking on your cell phone without a hands-free device, so this is a definite must have!
Snow Boots- I love these Sorel Boots, I had a pair of the shorter snow boots, similar to my bean boots, but am so happy that I upgraded last year. I love these boots. It makes snow shoveling more fun, plus they are

Be sure to stay tuned for a special post this weekend; featuring the 4 categories all about what to gift the male in your life. This post is extra special for me because it will be our first Christmas as husband and wife and it will be one month married on Christmas day! This year I have a lot to be thankful for.

xx, always


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