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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Peggy’s Porschen: what it is & why you should go!

Peggy’s Porschen coffee shop was by far my one of my favorite experiences during our honeymoon. Visiting this coffee shop was on my bucket list after stalking London on instagram for the past few months. The irony of visiting this coffee shop on our honeymoon is similar to my first date with B, because he doesn't even drink coffee. Anyway, Peggy's Porschen's is just a short walking distance from Buckingham Palace. Changing of the guards take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 11am. So following the changing of the guards, B & I took a short 10-15 minute walk up the streets of Chelsea to find this quaint bakery. I highly recommend starting in Traflagar square, walking down the mall, which will give you some breath-taking views of Buckingham palace, staying for changing of the guards (get there early if you want to get a good viewing spot) and finish the morning with a coffee break at Peggy’s. The walk alone is a great way to experience some of the true London culture, away from the tourist-y crowds.

Simply viewing the splendor of the door and window displays at Peggy’s make it worth a visit. It’s quickly becoming an “it” place for pastries and luxury coffees. The coffee shop is definitely worth the experience, especially for sitting in vs. takeaway. I will be honest, although the food was good it was not the best I’ve ever had, but it was totally worth the adventure. I don’t know if they take reservations but when we arrived at an off-peak time there was already a “que” outside. The shop was way smaller than I expected, they only have four tables inside, that fit two people each. However; one nice thing about London, is many of the restaurants want their outdoor seating to be utilized and thus, will provide guests with blankets, sitting outside helped B & I avoid the wait and provided a great spot for taking some blog photos, naturally.

What I Wore: 
This J. Crew jacket is my absolute favorite jacket. Not only is it timeless, but this jacket is exceptionally warm. It is lined with thinsulate, the lining used in most ski jackets, etc. BUT unlike a ski jacket there isn’t any bulk. I actually love this jacket so much I have it in an ivory rose color (similar to my wedding dress), which was featured in Monday's blog post. Additionally, since I knew B & I would be doing a lot of sight seeing, I wore leggings under my jeans, a long sleeve tee under my turtleneck sweater (which is also exceptionally warm), and my favorite FP scarf. This scarf is a repeat item from last year that has been restocked and brought back; so, get yours now before it sells out again!



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