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Monday, January 22, 2018

How to style & wear sequins to work

anddd... here it is as promised. Like I said yesterday, to everyone I work with, who also follows the blog, sorry I'm not sorry that I'm wearing this outfit from my Instagram post last night. I just couldn't resist. This look is SO easy, classy & my favorite, it's fun! I still love to wear sequins even though I'm in my late twenties. And I also can't afford to have two completely separate wardrobes (i.e. separate clothes for work vs. weekend) so I usually try to incorporate my "fun" pieces into my work attire. When it comes to selecting fun pieces, fit & cut are critical. I couldn't wear this sweater to work if it had a low v-neck or open back. Also, since sequins, like this sweater are such a statement pieces, I keep my jewelry minimal and pair the look with basics, for this look I paired it with modest (and most worn) black skirt and black OTK boots.

Shop the look:

Weekend Recap: This past weekend was so good for the heart. It began Friday evening, with book club. Every time my book club meets we spend the night eating, giggling & catching up on daily life, makeup, clothes, exercise, etc. in other words it is quality girl time. I'm so lucky to have book club in my life. I talk about this all the time with my friends, B & I love spending time together and he definitely makes me a better person, but part of that is because he appreciates and respects my girl time. We both agree it is SO important that we spend quality time with our friends, as well as each other.

Additionally, B & I also had a spontaneous date night c/o a wedding gift.  On Saturday, we had dinner out and got last minute tickets, that were 5 rows from the stage, to see Walk the Moon! It was such a perfect evening for us. One of my favorite things about B is he is so willing to dance with me! I absolutely love to dance and I feel so blessed that my life partner shares that same enthusiasm with me.

As I work on achieving my new year's resolution, I've learned from some of my reading this year that our thoughts are predictors of our days, moods, etc. so you have to shift your thoughts to what you want.

So I ask you, what was the best thing about your weekend?

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  1. I love your sweater, skirt and long boots!