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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wedding Wednesday: why we didn't do a first look & what we did instead

What we didn't do: 

a first look.

My faith is SO important to me. I've always known I want God to be present in my relationship and bless my marriage, as a result, B and I both wanted a traditional Catholic wedding service. It is part of the Catholic Faith to experience those precious moments when you see your groom for the very first time on your wedding day to be when you are walking down the aisle. Despite all our guests looking at us, the experience was surprisingly private. The moment I first saw B at the altar, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Upon arriving at the altar, our priest reminded us about the core values of the day as we prepare for a lifetime of marriage, and also to remain present in the moment. I'm so grateful for those precious moments we shared.

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One thing that is so beautiful and special about weddings is that they are unique. Today's post shares a few of the traditions that were important to B and I. A first look was not something we wanted, in fact we moved our ceremony start time up so we would have time for pictures. With that being said, many of my friends have all done them and they are beautiful too. No matter the traditions,
the day is about doing what makes you & your groom happy!


What we did do: 

wrote letters to each other.

I loved receiving B's letter.  B is always impressing me; whether it be with his devotion to God, commitment to our relationship, or the love he has for his family and mine. And his letter was no exception. B's letter brought a smile to my face, relaxed me, and helped me emotionally prepare for the day ahead.

Both of our letters served as a promise to each other. A promise to pursue each other in the good times, as well as the times for growth, a "vow to always have the patience that love demands." A commitment to helping each other love life!

exchanged gifts.

B and I opted to give our bridal party and parents their gifts at the Rehearsal dinner, we didn't want them to get lost in the shuffle, but we saved our gifts for each other for the morning of the wedding. Our gifts served as a gesture of our love for each other and something we could each wear the day of.

For my gift, B completely spoiled be with a traditional solitaire diamond necklace. It is elegant and classy, everything I hoped our wedding to be.
For his gift, I wanted to surprise him. B never treats himself to material items, it's not his style. Since, B loves the outdoors; he enjoys camping, golfing and other thing, I gifted B a pair of traditional polarized Ray-Ban's. Doesn't he look handsome?

Favorite love song of the moment: Brand New



  1. Love this post! The best weddings are those where it is all about the “marriage” - and not all about the “wedding”!

    XxOo and wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!