Winter Layers ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Winter Layers

I wish I was featuring shorts and a long cardigan in this post, my ideal spring outfit. However; living in New England means it's still winter. Which also means snow and layers. Today I'm sharing my most worn winter look. One of my staples is a fitted plaid shirt. They are such a classic and preppy piece that never goes out of style. In fact, J.Crew factory (where my exact shirt is from) releases this same variation of plaid every year. I love it so much, I purchase it every year.
What's an item you are continuously purchasing?
If it was truly spring time, my other weakness are white tops.

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Naturally, because of the snow yesterday, school was cancelled. On snow days, traditionally, B and I love to walk to the local pizza shop in town! They are always open, no matter the weather and have great food. There's also nothing like a walk in freshly fallen snow; it's truly breath-taking and so peaceful, despite the occasional car passing through. What's one of your snow day traditions?

Today's style tip: I get a lot of questions about the fit of my Hunter Boots. I own two pairs and absolutely love them. They are a "bulkier" fit, as they are designed for purpose. They are sturdy and keep my feet dry. I don't mind the looser fit, since I have muscular calves from my years of dance. I also love the variety of colors. They are such a statement & make a basic rainy day outfit more chic! Disclaimer: they are not insulated, so I always wear heavier knee socks (linked above) to keep my feet warm.



  1. I am "HOPING" for warmer weather - but always good to keep those winter pieces "on the ready"

  2. Some boots extend up the leg, sometimes as far as the knee or even the hip. thorogood roofer