January Instagram Round- Up & the one item you NEED ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January Instagram Round- Up & the one item you NEED

I can't believe how much Y'all enjoyed reading this post, Coffee Hour with Lo and Taking a Look at the Blog's Yearly Review. I had so much fun reviewing the stats from last year and was so pleased to learn Y'all liked it too. Obviously, I work full-time, but I really feel blogging has become even more than a full time job. Not because it's paying the bills, but because I love it so much and also because of the time I dedicate to it.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to post every day on Instagram (so far so good) but as a result, not every post makes it on the blog. Therefore, I wanted to share some favorites from Instagram on the blog in a round-up form. The focus of this round-up without intending too actually highlights one of my FAVORITE splurges, styled three different ways.

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I know Spanx leggings are SO expensive, but they are worth it.
If you are going to splurge on an item, then these should be it. I am always more conservative, so I typically don't wear leggings as pants. I wear them layered with tunics, shorter dresses, longer sweaters, etc. With that said, these leggings are made with such high-quality material that I feel really comfortable in them. I consider the fit and look to be similar to a "jegging" but the feel and comfort to be that of true "legging." They tuck and hold in all the right places. Plus they are super high-waisted, which I love. On a side note, I have not and don't intend to use these as workout legging. 

I can't believe these Steve Madden slip-on shoes aren't one of January's most popular items. They should be. Like I said on Monday, they are my version of sneakers and they are so cute! Also, I love this thermal because it has such a unique look compared to the typical tie and v-neck thermal. It will also be a great staple when transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring since spring is built on lightweight layers and pastels.

ahhh. I love this sweater so much. Sorry, I'm not sorry it's been on repeat on IG.  It was a Christmas gift from my mama, and I am obsessed. I can't wait to continue to style it in the next couple of months.

For this look, I did end up popping of this sweater over top of one of my workout tops after the gym and my long jacket so I could be a bit more presentable running errands. But for the picture, I took my coat off to highlight the sweater.

Additionally pictured in this image, are two target finds earrings and sunnies. These hoops are just an updated look to the basic hoop earring. I like these hoops so much I think I'm going to purchase the silver. My pair, that's pictured, is the rose gold, which I was excited to start to add to my jewelry rotation. 

This is another one of my favorite looks! This is probably one of my favorite posts from all of January. Although all of the items are a bit pricy in this photo, they are also items that I have had and will have for years to come.

For starters, this lush tunic is always going on sale! It is the PERFECT tunic to take you from work to play. I love the lenght, it is a true tunic and covers everything in both the front and back. My favorite way to style it for work, is tucked into a skirt.

Another item that is totally worth the investment is this Madewell Cardigan. While I've found some great, more affordable alternatives here and here, this cardigan takes the cake. I love the length of this cardigan for starters. It's super soft and doesn't pill, basically a testament to it's quality. I own it in two colors and have been saving up to purchase it in a third color.

Lastly, these over the knee boots speak for themselves. They are probably my single most complimented item in my closet wardrobe. They seriously go with everything and instantly elevate any look. 

Top 5 Selling Products in January 

Because it was such a popular post, I decided to try and keep up with sharing some of the fun monthly stats this year. One way I thought I could share some of the stats would be to share some of the top 5 selling items from Roses and Rain Boots from the previous month. 

The number one most popular and purchased item from Roses and Rain Boots last month was this V Neck Sweater from H&M. It's under $20 and so cute! It's a perfect and affordable item to transition from winter to spring. It can be worn off the shoulder, layered, etc. Be sure to pick up one before it sells out.

The second favorite or most purchased item during the month of January was Dry Shampoo. Yes, girl, yes! Dry shampoo is my jam. Because I expose my hair to a lot of heat, I try to avoid washing it every day. Actually, I'm really trying only to wash it twice a week. (Disclaimer, I shower every day, I just don't wash my hair.) So the only way I can get away with working out and not washing my hair is with the help of dry shampoo. Recently, I've actually added this Redken Dry Shampoo Powder to my nightly routine. This helps refreshen my hair for the morning. Although, I prefer a spray dry shampoo because it helps give a lot of volume to my otherwise flat hair.

Another favorite was this color-block sweater from Target. Target finds are definitely part of my signature. I'm notorious for "running" into Target for a quick errand pick-up and leaving without the one item I went to get.  So basically I've learned, I can't go into Target unless I want to give up an hour of my life and drop $100.

Some other favorites during January were this Loft blouse, FP sweater, and bonus, this tulle skirt. Since the Etsy tulle skirt was so popular I was excited about bringing back a similar style for Valentine's Day from AMAZON, yes, please!

The Logistics
It's kind of awkward to discuss, but a lot of people wonder how I get these stats, and that's a fair question. When using Liketoknow.it I get a very very very small commission from the purchase. I only get the commission if you purchase it from the image/link in the blog or through the Liketoknow.it app.  I don't, however, gain any commission if you like something and purchase in the app, such as the Amazon app.

Additionally, I don't get any personal information ever when you or someone else makes purchases through the blog. I only get stats stating which items are purchased! It's helpful because then it lets me know what items are most popular. It also helps me know which items are clicked on but aren't purchased.

Thanks again for all your support! I am so incredibly grateful to be able to share my love of fashion with all of you on this platform. I also love knowing what y'all purchase! My favorite moments are when I get pictures or comments from y'all when you buy something, wear it & love it. Just the other day, I was out shopping with my friends, and one of them mentioned that she loves shopping at Loft again because I wear it! I mean, hello, isn't that just the nicest compliment??



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