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Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring... is that you?

GOOD MORNING & welcome back to our regularly scheduled blog posts over here at RosesandRainBoots.com

Last week came & went and no blog post. Sorry about that! I miscalculated some of the posts I had scheduled and time just got away from me. Then there was the Instagram blackout, which started on Monday night and then lasted until Wednesday at some point. While the break was nice and appreciated, it definitely set me back a bit. Blogging can be so frustrating at times because consistency is so important but I also value family time and being present. As Y'all can see, I am still working on it. Luckily The Bachelor is officially over now, so I can get my Monday evenings back. Every season I think this is it, I'm not watching anymore and then every year I get sucked back into it and there go my Monday evenings. Anyone else feel me on this one?

But cheers to a new week and getting back into the routine!


exact button-down // exact denim (on sale) // exact shoes (also on sale!)
exact bangle // exact KS bracelet // similar bag here & here

With spring right around the corner, B and I FINALLY started to make some moves with the new place. We found a desk for my office and I couldn't be more excited. This style is totally unlike the original desk I had in mind, but after searching and searching I just knew that maybe the original desk wasn't right for now and then I found this one! It's a little rustic with a classic and traditional feel. It is supposed to be arriving what will be TODAY (when you are reading this) and I'm hoping that if I make dinner for B, a rare sighting in our place, that he will build it for me. I can't wait to share it with you and the process of decorating it.

We also decided to begin looking for a new headboard, wall art, and faux plants. I'm excited because I think the wall art and faux plants will be affordable ways to help the place feel a bit more like spring. Eventually, I want to upgrade some other things like the coffee table, and tv stand, etc. but without knowing the space of our future home I want to be more intentional about making purchases and choosing only the things that I absolutely love and will work in more than one space.

March always seems like the WORST month to me weather wise. Sorry, March. But seriously, we don't get any time off from work and it just drags out winter. I feel like January is used for relaxing after the holidays and enjoying winter. Then February comes and it's time for some more skiing, etc. But then by March, I am ready for the warm weather. We have all these St. Patrick's Day Parades, and I'm tired of having to wear leggings under my jeans if I'm going to be outside for more than 10 minutes. I mean, after all, even DQ is open. Spring I'm ready for ya!

exact sweatshirt (only $21) // exact sunnies // exact button-down // exact denim (on sale) // 
exact shoes (also on sale!) //exact bangle // exact KS bracelet // similar bag here & here

Since I am eager for spring, I've started to dress the part. Featured in today's post is such a classic look. I've told all y'all probably a hundred times by now, but I seriously love the frayed bottom trend. I just love the added detail it gives. One way I love to transition my wardrobe is by layering. Classic pieces, like a button-down shirt, are essential to creating the foundation of any wardrobe. I recently treated myself and invested in this button-down (pictured) from Madewell. Although a bit pricy, I made this investment because I know it will be a piece that I will a) continuously wear this season, through summer, and fall and b) that will last for years to come. Additionally, since it's spring in New England, short sleeves are not a practicular option, popping this affordable sweatshirt over top is a fun way to stay warm, while look spring ready!

Another quick way to update your wardrobe is through accessories! I purposely pack away & store some of my pieces, like shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. to help get me into the seasonal spirit. I always think of pastels for spring, so I love that adding this lilac crossbody bag, brings a little spring into the look and helps me transition these mules to spring as well. My exact crossbody bag is from the fall, but the same brand brought back three new styles that I love and suggest!

Along with my bag, I've been working on changing up my jewelry routine. While I love me some statement earrings, I also want a few pairs of classic earrings, bracelets, and rings that I can fall back on. I also want them to be something that won't rust, so I'm currently searching for some. If you have any recommendations, definitely send them my way. For now, the three pieces I've added into my routine are my old DW watch (still available), my old Kendra Scott bangle (still available), and my new Madewell bangle. This was one of those items that I saw in the store and could not stop thinking about. Since purchasing it, I've worn it every day. I purchased the rose gold to compliment my apple watch, and now I'm thinking about purchasing the gold as well.

What are some ways that you are updating your wardrobe for spring?

As always, thanks for stopping by!