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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Ultimate Back-To-School List for Teachers

Back-to-School is one of those bittersweet moments. Obviously, teachers love their job. I mean, it takes a particular person to educate and care for children. But at the same time, summer is just so lovely; it's hard to go back when it's still warm outside. With that said, now that we are into August, it's time for teachers to start doing their back-to-school shopping. This year I asked Y'all for your requests and used that to generate the ultimate list and suggestions. Can't wait for Y'all to check it out!

As always, by using any of the images or links below to shop, I earn a small commission & I wanted to take time to say a quick thank-you for not only following the blog but by using the links!
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Let's get to my back-to-school shopping list for teachers: 

For starters, I always purchase a new planner for the year. A planner is a must-have for teachers. With my role as Literacy Specialist, I found the need for more space for meeting notes, so this year, I am trying the Fringe planner listed below. In the past, when I was teaching third grade, I used the Erin Condren teacher planner, which you can personalize and customize to fit your needs.
Planner Suggestions:
Save: Fringe
Splurge: Erin Condren 

Pens are another thing I treat myself to every year. There's nothing like a brand new pack of pens that helps start the year off right. I keep these pens separate and away from the student supplies. In prior years I used the fan-favorite flair pens, but this year I've switched it up to this new brand, and I love them!
Pen Suggestions:
Flair Pens
Stabilo Pens

Travel Mugs are another obvious must-have for every teacher. Anytime I meet a teacher that doesn't drink coffee; I'm just in awe. Like how do they do it?
I look forward to my first cup of coffee every morning, and I enjoy bringing one to work to help kick start the day. I often think that have a really good travel mug, one that actually keeps your coffee hot, will prevent me from the daily Starbucks run.
Travel Mug Suggestions:
Zojirushi Travel Mug
Yeti Travel Mug

Multi-purpose dresses are a great item to stock up on. A dress like this one, can be worn now with sandals and then paired with a sweater, leggings, and boots to transition into late fall.
Save: Old Navy Midi Dress
Spend: J. Crew Factory Dress
Splurge: Madewell Midi Dress

A tote bag is one of those things teachers seem to collect but for a good reason. Have you ever watched a teacher walk into their school in the morning? I think it's safe to say teachers are basically bag ladies. No offense to all the male teachers out there, they don't seem to carry a lot of tote bags. We can never seem to have enough things. This year, my totes are in desperate need of replacement. To help you pursue tote bags, I broke them down by save, spend, or splurge. I was gifted my Longchamp tote, my freshman year of college, and I was still using it up until this year when the corners got little holes, and my beloved pens started to fall through. While this bag is definitely a splurge, it also serves as the perfect overnight tote. For a more stylish option, I love this sole society satchel that would also serve as a great bag for weekends, especially for mom's who are always carrying lots of goodies.
Tote Suggestions:
Save: Faux Leather Tote
Spend: Sole Society Satchel
Splurge: Longchamp Tote, Cuyana, Madewell Tote

Dress pants are one of those wardrobe basics, everyone needs. I love the way ankle dress pants look paired with a blouse and heels. Again, to help you find a pair that fits your style and budget, I've rounded up three different options on the same save, spend, and splurge suggestions. I personally own three pairs of the Express high rise paperbag pants (all purchased on sale), and I love them. They are a bit more trendy, but that fits my style as I typically wouldn't grab a pair of dress pants.
Dress pants Suggestions:
Save: Old Navy Pixie Pants
Spend: J. Crew Factory
Splurge: Express High Rise Paperbag Pants

When I pulled all the teachers on Instagram, Cardigans were the most requested item for back-to-school. My new favorite cardigan is this one from Abercrombie. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Even my mom knew it was my style. I love it so much I want to scoop it up in a few more colors. If you are looking to spend a little more than my Madewell cardigan is a tried & true favorite. It is an investment, but the quality speaks for itself.
Save: H&M Cardigan, Old Navy Cardigan
Spend: Abercrombie Cardigan
Splurge: Madewell Cardigan

Flats, Slides, or Mules, basically a good pair of shoes is a MUST have. Below I've rounded up some of my favorite shoes that will be perfect for back-to-school and will transition into fall.
Save: Target Flats, Madewell Mules dupe
Spend: J. Crew Factory Flats, love these
Splurge: Sole Society flats, love these




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