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Friday, December 27, 2019

Monthly Friday Five: December Issue

Good morning! I saw this idea of sharing a series of five on another blog, linked here, and I LOVED the idea. So I wanted to share my own. On the last Friday of the month, you can expect to see some of my favorite's in groups of five.

Let's get to it.

My 5 favorite posts from 2019. 
I was actually surprised how hard it was for me to narrow down and pick my top 5 posts. When I started to look back at 2019, I loved a variety of pictures for different reasons whether it be: getting featured on, working with a brand, finding my style, trying something new, there's some many I love but when forced to choose... these are my top 5 non-sponsored post! 

To start of my favorite posts from 2019, is actually my first picture! I love that this one shows how B and I rang in the new year, together in our home with some of closest friends. It may not be anything fancy, or even the best quality, but it's us. Check out this post here.

This post holds a special place in my heart, because I was FINALLY reposted by the account on Instagram. this was a HUGE personal accomplishment for myself. I am so excited when I create a look that y'all love to shop & this was a big moment. Check out the post here.

I love this photo because it was the start of #RosesandRainBootsNails. I LOVE getting my nails done every two weeks. It's something I choose to splurge on as part of my self-care. And I love that y'all love seeing these photos as much as I love sharing them. Check out the post here.

This photo captures what fall means to me. I love everything about fall. It's definitely my favorite season, as much as I love the Christmas season, fall is my jam. I also love this look, because it's something so easily re-created and practical. Check out the post here.

My final post, was one of my most recent & my most loved post from all of YOU in 2019. I love this shot of my mom and I cozied up in front of my tree. This is a true depiction of some of the things we love most: cozy clothes, slippers, hot chocolate, and time together. Check out the post here.

5 things B & I are hoping for in 2020. 
Although I am writing this post solo, I know these are things B and I are both hoping for, because we've talked about them and because we have similar long-term hopes and dreams.

Travel. One thing in 2020 we are hoping to do is TRAVEL more. I love traveling, I've thought about moving so many times, but my job doesn't really lend itself to that. And I'm pretty family oriented so I think I would have a hard time living so far away from my family long-term. One of the solutions, B and I came up with is to prioritize traveling more this year. This also means I will be cutting back spending in a few other categories in order to help us achieve this goal.

Home. Another time B and I both hoping 2020 is our year to find our perfect home. We have a lot of hopes and dreams for this vision, but it's something that we would like to keep private for now. Once we start making moves with this front, we will be sure to share all the details! This is something B and I have been searching for, a while now, but I am confident that God has a plan and the right opportunity will come along.

Intentional. I couldn't decide between simplify, purge, or tidy because they are all relevant, this helped me realize our next goal is to be more intentional. I read this book at the beginning of 2019 and it definitely laid the foundation for helping me really shape my style for the blog and helped me to be more mindful of purchases I was making. This strategy prevented me from over-buying to share things on the blog and from keeping things I wouldn't really wear. It also helped B and I get into routines of tidying up the house before bed and putting things away, when everything "thing" has a a "home" it makes it easier to keep your home neat and organized. This year, B and I both want to be more intentional and to help us accomplish this goal, I think we are both planning on re-reading this book to help shape our mindset.

Read more. 2019 was a bit of a struggle for me. I found myself swamped with work from my classes for grad school and excited to commit more to the blog. While I didn't read as much as I nearly home I could. I was able to prioritize school and find what works for blogging, and  it turn discovered what works doesn't work for routines. B and I also have a few books we want to try and read together.

While this last hope is more for me, B is involved since he takes 90% of my photos.

Instagram/ Blog. I am so pleased with everything I accomplished for Roses and Rain Boots in 2019! It's hard to believe that I started this blog 4 Christmases ago, when B gifted me How to Blog for Dummies and a Camera. I started my Instagram and blog account from zero and I didn't even tell anyone for the first few months. My goal was to have 1000 followers, who wanted to follow along on my fashion hits & misses. I wanted to be a resource when people are going out for dates, holiday parties, or what to wear for work. I'm excited that Roses and Rain Boots has become just that and I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings! Thank YOU, for all of your continued support by liking my photos on Facebook and Instagram, by shopping use my links, and by coming to read this blog, weekly! I couldn't do it without you.

5 things worth splurging on in 2020.
Spanx faux leather leggings. These leggings are PURE gold. Seriously. It's one of those things that everyone has & you think "why do I need those?" because they are ah-mah-zing! They are so unviersally flattering so chic. I don't usually like leggings because they are so casual. I love that these can be dressed up!

t3 Curling Wand. I truly love this wand. It was a Christmas gift splurge a few years back and I have never regretted it. I have tried a variety of other curling wands and nothing else compares. I find with other tools, I have to recur my entire head everyday (exposing my hair to more heat), but with the wand, my curls can last for a few days, all week, if you like really relaxed curls. Pro Tip: the curling wand gets super hot, so DO NOT turn it up all the way!

Slip Silk Pillowcase. This item is another total splurge. I get that spending this much money on a pillowcase is crazy. However; since using a slip pillowcase, my hair feels healthier, my skin is better and I sleep better. I actually am one of those crazy people who now brings her own pillowcase on vacation.

Sam Edelman Knee-High boots. I used a few gift cards I had saved from year's past to purchase these boots and they were WORTH it! I am in love with these boots. They are such a good quality, the perfect heel height and they are such a flattering fit!

J.Crew Parka. This coat is by far the biggest splurge but absolutely worth it. It will go on sale, so be sure to keeping checking back because I will let you know when it does. In my opinion, there is a noticeable difference in the quality from the factory version. It doesn't pill, is super warm, and cleans nicely! I have mine dry cleaned twice a year to maintain it looking new.

5 books on my to-read list to start 2020
Conviction. This book is #1 on my to-read list. Although, it's a thriller so I'll have to plan to read it when there's plenty of day-light so I don't get too freaked. I am excited to read this book because it is part of Reese's book club pick for December and she always picks good ones. And secondly, because it explores the possibility of social media and podcasts so it feels really current.

The New Fashion Rules. I was so surprised to see this book as one of my read's on Christmas morning. I've been admiring this book for a while now, since I love to follow the author In the Frow, she is so gorgeous and classic. I love to watch her YouTube videos and check out her Instagram for fashion inspiration.

Dare to Lead. This is a book that my administration was encouraged to read and also is displayed in Evereve stores! The founder of Evereve involves to read and empower women and personally selects all the books to be displayed in her stores. As a result, I am super excited to read this one.

Pretty City London. I've had this beautiful coffee table book for a few months now and spent some time perusing it, but have yet to really dive in and read it cover to cover. I feel like with most coffee table books I don't spend time to actually read the entire thing, so this is something I am aiming to do in 2020.

Own Your Everyday. I've had this book for quite some time and haven't had time to read it. So I'm excited to make it a priority for 2020. She also has a podcast, so I might try to add listening that to my morning routine.

5 ride or die beauty products from 2019. 
Tula Face Wash. I tried using this face wash in 2018 and really liked the results, but then I ran out and never got around to purchasing it again. Just a few months ago I decided to try it again and immediately noticed positive results. My skin is smoother and breakouts are far less.

Clinique Moisture Surge. This moisturizer is amazing. I use it during the winter months because I suffer from really dry skin. Since using this, my skin feels smooth, moisturized and healthy.

Charlotte Tilbury Glow. This is another product I've been using over a year now and I love the results. For starters it doesn't transfer onto your clothes, which is a huge must-have for me. It's also lightweight, not full coverage. It's moisturizing and gives me face an all over even glow to help hide imperfections.

Becca Under Eye Cream. I've been using this under eye cream for over two years now and I can't live without it.  A little bit goes a long way and the container lasts me nearly the entire year. It's just enough to brighten the under eyes, to help my eyes look awake.

Mascara. I don't love the name of this mascara, but it works wonders on my eye lashes. I've tried a bunch of different options and I don't find that they work the same.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. It's something you can look for the last Friday of every month. I've written it into my planner and I'm excited to bring you this series. Some month's may feature the same theme, like 5 monthly favorite's, and other times it may be all new themes. If you have any suggestions, definitely let me know!



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