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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

the ultimate gift guide for kids (of all ages)

Coming at ya is a highly requested gift guide post! We are talking gift guides for all the kids in your life! We are talking ages 3-6 gift guides, the "tween" gift guide, the young adult gift guide, etc! These recommendations come from discussions with family members about what's on their kid's lists and from what's the buzz around school.

I hope you enjoy! Happy shopping!

LOL dolls are a huge trend right now for elementary school girls. They are modern, hip, and come in a variety of sizes and price points. I'm a fan of this one because you can adjust and style her hair! So fun! It brings me back to the days of Barbie's. Does anyone remember that barbie head where you could color and cut her hair?

Hatchimals are another one of those things that B & I stumbled upon in Target and thought our friend's little girl would love this! We were pleased to learn that it was a huge hit, and thus it made the gift guide list.

Who says little girls aren't engineers or builders, I loved this set from one of our family member's Christmas wish list. It's so fun and practical. I love toys that actually teach kids problem-solving skills.

Frozen Trouble Game. Need I say more? This is going to be such a popular game, especially with the recent release of Frozen 2. If you are looking to get a young girl or boy, a gift that's not just a "toy," this is a great idea!

Sheets. I love this idea because they are age-appropriate and so practical. Kids get so many toys at Christmas; it's nice to get a gift they will enjoy and need.

Spot it. This game is TOO good. We actually use this game with our middle school students, and it can get pretty competitive. Great for all ages and two players or a large group.

The Scooter. We have heard SO much about this scooter from my cousin's son. He can describe the whole thing to you, especially the cool lights. Such a great gift for the active boy, will get him outside and moving.

The Crayon's Christmas book, if you aren't already familiar with this book series, you need to get The Day the Crayon's Quit STAT. It is such a cute, feel-good story. It's brilliant and a fan favorite by kids.

Teleties. These hair ties are where it's at! If the "tween" in your life is anything like the typical vsco girl, she's going to want these. They come in a variety of colors and are great for your hair.

Facial Spray. Don't worry dad; this isn't really makeup. It's water with herbs, great for the skin, and will have your girl feeling so posh.

Hunter Rain Boots. I love these Hunter boots; I would have LOVED to get these as a little girl. They are the most fashionable rain boots. These are obviously a splurge item, but such a wow/statement gift.

Instax Camera. This is such a fun gift! You can capture the moment the "old fashioned" Polaroid way! The camera also comes with some great add on's such as a camera strap, patterned film, and wireless printer.

AirPods. Let's be honest if there is a middle school boy, high school boy, or college boy living with you and he doesn't already have a pair of AirPods then I bet these are the #1 item on his list. These items are a total splurge, but everyone wants them, and anyone who has them loves them.

Streetwear joggers are so in right now. Even men, especially high school and college students, want pants they can wear after the gym, be comfortable, and still look presentable.

Ray-Ban sunglasses. These glasses are a total splurge! But they are SO good. Invest in the polarized pair, and they are the only pair of sunnies they will need.

Hydro Flask. Such a good water bottle. Additionally, I know the Yeti's are popular, and I want a tumbler for my tea on the go. Any insulated water bottle is a great gift idea for the guy in your life.

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