What I am most excited for about Spring ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Monday, February 24, 2020

What I am most excited for about Spring

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Good morning. I hope your week is off to an excellent start. I must say I woke up this morning with an extra pep in my step, knowing that it is the last week of February, and that must mean spring is close behind.

 I desperately have spring fever over here. Anyone else? It's been more of a milder winter, but it's still cold. Also, since it hasn't really snowed, at this point, I'm pretty much over winter and ready for spring. I wanted today's post to be a little bit of a catch-up so I'm sharing some things I am looking forward to most about spring and giving y'all a little weekend recap. Let's get to it!


Some things I am most excited for about Spring:

I feel like spring is associated with color, but who says you have to wait for warmer weather. This sweater gives me all the spring vibes while keeping me so cozy warm. Additionally, adding pops of color throughout the house help me get into the spring spirit.

The flowers. 
I love tulips and flowering trees that spring brings. They are so delicate and beautiful. The birds have been awake and busy chirping in the early morning, and it is giving me all the spring feels! Either they are really confused, or spring is really right around the corner.

Getting outside. 
You know what they say, April Showers bring May flowers. Although we have had our fair share of rain lately, the days are getting longer and warmer, so I'm here for it.

exact jacket // exact sweater- on SALE // similar jeans here and here 
exact booties (size up) // exact crossbody bag // similar thumb ring

Weekend Recap:
This weekend was lovely! I got to connect with a friend over a mani and beverage. Also, B and I spent Sunday organizing and cleaning. We began our first DIY project since we've moved into this apartment, and I'm super excited about it! We also switched around some rooms. We used to have my office in the tiny "bedroom" and used the second larger one as a guest room. Realizing I was outgrowing my little space, we decided to switch things around.

It worked out perfectly! Our guest bedroom furniture easily fits in the smaller room, creating a totally cozy vibe. And now I have so much more space for an office. I'm really excited to take y'all along for the design process. I currently have all handy-me down furniture in the space (minus my desk and mirror) because I want to get a feel for the layout and what I actually want & where. How do you shop for a new space?



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