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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Another Book Round-Up

I usually consider myself such a reader. I find it so enjoyable, and relaxing. However; due to the obvious unusual circumstances of being home I've found it harder to motivate myself to do anything, even reading. With that said, lately I've been forcing myself to get back into reading and every time I do I find I'm so glad I do. Reading provides a little bit of distraction from all the uncertainty in the world.

In efforts to be more intentional, I've focused all my reading for the month around books I own and have yet to read. Can anyone else relate? 

I love book shopping. I'm so excited to head into a Barnes and Noble and scoop up a few books or even better, have Amazon deliver my latest picks in two days. However; new "it" books are published all the time, usually shifting my focus and as a result, I've ended up with a stack of books I haven't gotten around to reading yet. So now, I'm making time to read all those books.

Let's get to my review:

Five Feet Apart.
If there's a new movie or tv show that was first a book, I always require myself to read the book first. Books capture so much more than a film ever will and I'm always so pleased that I've done it. However; I cannot read a book after the movie, I often find that it usually ruins my perspective and I don't enjoy it as much. This book is SO ironically perfect for our current life situations of six feet apart, social distancing. It's definitely a YA book, but still I found myself needing the tissue box, this one definitely tugged on my heart strings.

Such a Fun Age.
I was excited to read this book, if only because it was on Reese Witherspoon's pick of the month for her book club. I often find that her book club encourages me to read books I wouldn't normally read. This one has such a modern day take on some of the social issues still present in society.

See Me.
Nicholas Sparks, cliche or not, has forever been my favorite author. I know his stories can be predictable. However; I always love them. I find his writing has a way of me being transported to whatever small town the story takes place in and falling in love with the characters.

The Art of Racing in the Rain.
Y'all, As soon as the trailer for the movie came out LAST YEAR, I ordered myself a copy and had yet to pick it up, settle in, and give it a read. I'll be honest, at first, I wasn't into reading a book from a dog's perspective. Honestly, I think it's what kept me from reading it for so long. I didn't immediately fall in love with the perspective, but as the story line progressed and you got to follow along the families up's and down's I really enjoyed it. This book is a quick read.

Girl, Stop Apologizing.
Okay, this one I'm still reading. I actually find books like "this" more like a NF, self-help books are something I need time to digest and I don't absorb as much when I read it all at once. With that said, while I really enjoy listening to Rachel Hollis' podcast, I'm probably siding with the unpopular opinion that her books are just OK. Maybe my opinion will change by the end of the book, but so far, there are a few other books I've read before that have just resonated with me so much more (Uninvited and Girl Boss).

Also, next up on my list: 

Untamed, Own Your Everyday, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, Olive Kitteridge, and An Intentional Life (going to treat myself to this one).



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