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Monday, June 1, 2020

DIY Farmhouse Picnic Table

A few weeks ago,
B and I purchased a $100 picnic table from Lowe's. I feel like picnic tables are a thing of the past. Seriously, it's not easy to find the traditional "picnic table" with the legs attached, a decent size, and made of wood, quality you can count on. However; a couple of you actually suggested checking Lowe's and Home Depot and we found Lowe's had the best deal! 


You actually can get these tables pre-assembled but the reviews on the assembly work left me hesitant. However; upon arriving at Lowe's for our order pick-up we saw the assembled ones (for $0 extra charge) and they looked great, so I think either way is fine. Anyway, after we purchased our table we had to assemble it. It comes with pre-drilled started holes and all the supplies so it was fairly easy to assemble, despite it's size. Afterwards, I had to decide on a stain color. I wanted a really natural, kind of rustic look.

In order to determine a stain color, I searched on google images for stain colors and once I found a few that caught my eye, I did a bit more research and then made a decision. I actually thought I wanted a more grey look, but after playing around with the stain colors (on the underside of the table) I was more partial to the solid brown.

The process: 
First, I had to sand the entire picnic table and then vacuum the table to remove all the little shaving particles. Next, I had to apply the stain to the underside of the table, let it dry for 4 hours and then apply the second coat of stain. After the stain had dried overnight, I lightly sanded, by hand, the table to prep for the sealer.Then, we flipped the table and I had to mimic the process for the "top" side. We sealed our table  (both sides) because it's going to be outside under covered and will prevent it from natural elements. It sounds so simple, when it gets typed up into one small paragraph, but the process took me a couple of days. 

The products: 
Stain in color: Minwax Special Walnut

PSA* We opted for oil-based, which is 100% more of a pain to clean and dispose of because the stain can't just be thrown out, but it came recommended because the quality is so much better and longer lasting, especially for wood items that will be primarily outdoors. 

All in all, it was the best $100 we spent this summer. It's created the perfect outdoor space for us to enjoy lunch outdoors, brunch on the weekends, and backyard date nights! We can't wait to use this table to entertain our guests (once it's safe too!)





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