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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Gift Guide for the homebody, under $25, and cozy lover

As I started to create this gift guide I saw this it really encompassed some of my favorite things, a gift guide at a great price point, gifts under $25, and then some perfect items for all my cozy lovers and homebodies. 

What is your favorite?

Philosophy shower gel: 
This shower gel is by far my absolute favorite! I received the cinannom buns shower gel as a gift from my cousin's for Christmas and I am totally in love! It is so so luxe and smells delicious. Christmastime is the perfect time to splurge for someone you care about and get them a gift they normally wouldn't purchase for themselves.

Blue light blocking glasses: 
These are a MUST HAVE for any teacher, student, anyone working from home. Since a lot more of us have been working from home, or zooming with loved ones we have seen an increase in the amount of computer/screen time. Unfortunately a way of life, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't protect our eyes. Blue light blocking glasses are great for preventing headaches. 

Clear Acrylic Desk Organizer
While we are working from home that doesn't mean our home offices can't be practical AND cute! I am all about productivity and ensuring a clean work space is essential. Clear desk organizers are great, especially because they will match everyone's home decor and look clean and chic! 

Initial Mug
I have and love this mug! It's one of my absolute favorites and makes for a great personalized gift. An initial mug, shows you thought about that specific person and wanted to get them something special, useful, and also doesn't break the bank! 

It goes without saying we LOVE slippers in my house. B and I actually have two pairs, we have our slippers that we use for lounging around the house and staying cozy, and we have a second pair that we use for walking around on the deck, garage etc. I love this gold pair from J.Crew. They also have a fun plaid option that is super festive! 

Statement earrings are also another favorite. This pair is so glamorous and dresses up a simple turtleneck or takes your holiday look to the next level. 

A thoughtful journal:
This Five Minute Journal is what I would call the "it" journal of 2020. It's popping up everywhere and with everything 2020 brought this year, it feels especially important to take time to reflect. 

Cozy socks: 
When I asked a couple of my friends what is on their Christmas list, cozy at home items were at the top. A good pair of cozy socks is always a win in my book. Personally, this is my favorite style of cozy socks. I wear them with my winter boots for added warmth. I also love how cozy these look and barefoot dreams is KNOWN for making the coziest of cozy items. 



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