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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

top 10 gifts for kids, teens & everyone in between

Morning lovely, 

We have officially entered the season of the year: the holiday season. This is my favorite season for blogging, because I absolutely love being a resource gathering and sharing gift ideas for everyone on your list! This year, I tried to be really intentional with each gift guide I created. 

I prioritized practical gifts and affordable gifts. In today's post, I'm sharing my top 10 gifts for teen girls, boys, kids and everyone in between. Let me know if you're inspired to purchase any of my suggestions. I hope you find this guide helpful! 

xx, Lo


Monogrammed phone case- While this gift is a splurge, it is SO worth it. What girl wouldn't want a personalized phone case. Personalized or monogrammed gifts always such care and thought. 

Snow tube- With the winter season upon us, a snow tube is a great and practical gift. It's a great gift that will encourage activities outside.

Instax Smartphone Printer-  If you live or know a teenage girl then you know Insta Fix camera's have been the IT gift. They come with great accessories and adorable printer paper to print images with a vintage feel instantly. However; now you can get those same features but print right from your iPhone! 

Insta Film- LOVING this bloom film edit. It's so unique and makes such a statement. 

Insta Picture Frame- This is a great frame to showcase those Insta film pictures. I love gifts that have add on's. If you know someone who has an Insta Fix camera, you can always get them a case for it, printer paper, or picture frames.

Velvet Laptop Case- With distance or hybrid learning in full swing, students are being asked to use their laptops more than ever. Get your student a cute and practical gift of a pink velvet laptop case. 

AirPods Holder- Most headphones come in a really simple white case, a great way to personalize it is to add a unique case. 

Scrunchie holder- If VSCO girl is a term, your teen knows than a scrunchie holder is a must have! 

Star bracelet- Stars, moons, and other space charms are really on trend for jewelry right now. Snag this delicate piece for a special gift under $50. 

Gaming t-shirt- This $12 shirt is great for any teen who loves video games. Graphic tee's are always a hit in our house and probably not something a teen will put on their list, but can always use more of. 

A great beanie! With the cold weather coming, why not get a practical and trendy gift? 

Pizza beanbag chair- This just screams teen to me. With more time at home than ever, grab your teen a fun and comfy spot for them to do their homework in. 

Bose bluetooth portable speaker- A portable speaker is always a great idea. This one is the ideal size to travel with too. 

Nike kicks. My cousin ever since I can remember has been obsessed with his kicks. These are one of those can not be wrong gift items. They are a splurge, but something your teen will love! 

A portable net- Keep your teen active this stay at home season by bringing their sporting games to them. 

A sports ornament- Christmas tree ornaments tend to be a little more feminine, grabbing a sports item is a great way to make everyone feel included. 

Games are always a great idea. Exploding Kittens is huge with my teens at school. It's a silly game suited for the whole family to play. 

Darts- Again, with more time at home, a dart board is a fun way 

The Karaoke microphone- is popping up everywhere! I am predicting it to be the IT gift this year. This particular microphone is blue tooth compatible and wireless. 

Books- As a Literacy Coach, I love gifts that help to nourish and educate. Giving the gift of a book, helps to promote a life long love of reading. It also can create some really special routines for a family who makes time to read together. 

Instax Camera- What's once was old, becomes new again really applies to this polaroid like camera. This is honestly a great gift for all ages, a fun way to capture some special moments. 

LOL dolls- These dolls continue to be really popular amongst kids. Get this set for under $20! 

Scooter- Last year, a scooter was one of the most popular gifts on Roses and Rain Boots, this year will be no expection. This scooter has LED lights built in, so not only looks cool, but promotes getting outside and getting exercise! 

Space Puzzle- I am always amazed at how good kids are at puzzles! They are so many great options for kids to choose from. This space themed one is popular with some of the kids in my family. 

Space LEGOs- Staying with the theme of space, LEGOS are always a great gift! Plus, this exact set is on an early Black Friday special, over $20 off!!

Hot Wheels- These will always forever be a classic gift. They are also one that kids can't seem to have enough of. Even if they are already have this set, they can add on making the track even more complex. 



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