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Monday, October 18, 2021

Mini Fall Outerwear Guide: What & Where to Buy

Since investing in quality outwear
I've become a winter fashion fan. I actually think winter is quickly becoming my favorite season to dress for (despite it being my least favorite season). But Honestly, finding quality coats that fit and keep me warm were the first step. Then I had to find ones that actually fit with my aesthetic and style. So today, I'm sharing your midi outwear guide, including what to buy and where to buy it. 

J.Crew Vest / Wearing size XS (fits TTS)
A vest is my first step towards transitioning into "coat" season. These are such a classic and staple piece. Every season, I wonder if they will go "out of style" but honestly they are a tried and true preppy favorite. When I first started blogging, the J.Crew herringbone vest was the MUST HAVE of the season. I think it lasted for about two years, while the Factory also picked it up, but since then they haven't appeared to be as popular. However; this is your sign that they are still in style and to wear yours! They are also really practical and provide a lot of extra warmth of those cool fall days, when you aren't ready for a coat. Do you have a vest from J.Crew? And if yes, do you still wear it? 

Lady Coat from J.Crew / Wearing size 2-Tall (fits TTS)
Let's get started, the first coat I ever invested in was the Lady Coat from J.Crew
I actually saw the neighbor at my parents wearing this coat and she looked so beautiful. Truly it was elegant, stylish and fitted and not to mention the most gorgeous periwinkle blue color. I quickly ran across the street to inquire more about it. She told me all the details, including the key factor that its lined with thinsulate, the amtieral they use in ski coats, making it incredibly warm! While a huge splurge, I didn't take the plunge. However; a year later I couldn't stop thinking about it so I popped the it on my Christmas list and received my first ever lady coat in pink. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, four coats later and one on my current wish list (they finally brought back the periwinkle blue) it is still my most loved and worn coat. 

Parka Coat from J.Crew / Wearing size 2-Tall (Could have ordered a 0T)
Again, this is another splurge purchase. I know J.Crew coats can be costly, which is why most prefer a cheaper alternative. However; my mom and I did a comparison between the Factory and the Crew make on year and the quality of the J.Crew original is unmatched. It doesn't pill, is heavier and therefore warmer and all around a much better quality. While my mom ended up replacing her Factory one the following year for the crew version, I have yet to need to replace any of my crew coats and they are worn and well loved, including recess duty when needed on the playground. 

The Dad Coat / Wearing size XS-T (fits TTS)
The dad coat is another classic that I am constantly reaching for in my wardrobe. I currently have the classic camel and get asked about this coat all the time. It goes with so much in my wardrobe, it surprisingly warm and I've been really impressed with the quality. This year, they are offering it in the subtle pink tartan and I'm obsessed. 

Wrap Dad Coat / Ordering size XS-T(fits TTS)
The last coat I included is the wrap coat. I am loving this silhouette. I haven't found an option that I loved until noticing this one. I love the camel color. It is such a timeless option and so chic for work. This is a style that's missing from my outerwear collection and one I would love to add. 

Other outwear favorites: 
Blazers are also another favorite for outerwear, depending upon climate and layering. I can usually wear a wool blazer with some thermals and a cozy knit on a mild afternoon. 

Favorite places to shop for coats: It's no secret my favorite place to shop for outwear is J.Crew, their sizing is inclusive, offering a variety of tall options and the quality is unmatched. secondly, I always check Abercrombie for their latest arrivals and am loving that they offer tall sizes as well, plus I've been impressed with the quality. Lastly, I also always check H&M for affordable options, but usually aim for pieces I'm OK with only lasting a season. 



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