New England Fall Travel Guide ~ Roses and Rain Boots .

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

New England Fall Travel Guide

Good morning lovely, 
I'm excited to finally share a round-up of my top 10 things to do in New England this fall. Fall in New England is definitely an experience. It's some of the best weather we get. It's chilly in the morning and evening, making it perfect for sweater weather and gorgeous in the daytime, making it optimal for outdoor activities. 

Apple picking
One of the best things about New England, Connecticut specifically are all the small-town family-owned orchards. There are so many families that open their farms up to the public for apple and pumpkin picking. Usually, they also offer hayrides or corn mazes for additional fun. Lyman Orchards and Holmberg Orchards are a few favorites. Additionally, while in the Mystic area, be sure to stop by Clyde's Cider Mill for some delicious apple cider donuts and picture opportunities (definitely gram-worthy).

Discover a Fall Festival.
There is almost always some sort of fall festival happening in CT during the fall season. One of our favorites was the Apple Festival in Glastonbury, CT. Other favorites are the Durham Fair and, of course, the Big E. My favorite part about fall festivals is the food.  Additionally, there are always wine and beer fests, Oyster fests, and more taking place. I'm always up for an excuse to eat some good snacks! 
Visit a vineyard.
Connecticut has a lot to offer when it comes to vineyards. They are often picturesque, and some offer coastal views. One of our favorites is Salt Water Vineyard; while the wine is a bit pricy, the place is stunning. They invite guests to walk through the vineyard, which ends with a beautiful water view. The vineyard is located just outside of downtown Stonington Borough. 

Go Leaf-Peeping. 
Take a trip to "Stars Hollow" from Gilmore Girls and explore the town that inspired the show, Litchfield, CT. There are so many cute towns to explore while in CT, and Litchfield county is definitely a favorite. The creators of the show Gilmore Girls spent a weekend at an inn in Litchfield, which inspired it all. Connecticut peeks less than other New England states, so the leaves are just beginning to change here- making it the perfect time to plan ahead for a trip.
Take a trip. 
Every year, B and I pick a New England town as our destination to explore in the Fall. Pro trip- New England towns are FAR less busy in the Fall because summer residents have returned to their primary residence at this time. One of our favorites is Nantucket. We love visiting the island in the Fall (Refer to this post for our Nantucket Travel Guide). This year, however, we are heading to Vermont, another New England favorite! 

Get spooked in Salem, Massachusetts. 
It's been a while since I've visited Salem, MA, during the Fall, but it is worth it for Halloween fans. They go all out. It makes you feel like you've been transported to the set of Hocus Pocus. This is a great kid-friendly option, as well.

Carve a Pumpkin
Pumpkin carving is a must-do in our house. Keep in mind, if you want your carved pumpkins to last for Halloween, carve them a week or less before the actual day. Recently, my family opted for less traditional pumpkin carvings and instead filled the pumpkins with pretty florals. They make for great centerpiece decorations- save as an idea for Thanksgiving. 

Visit the Jack-o'-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Provide, RI.
Speaking of pumpkin carvings, if you are in the New England area, it is worth taking a trip to the Roger Williams Zoo to visit the pumpkin spectacular. Every year, the zoo is lit up from pumpkins galore. One of my favorites was the intricate design of William and Kate after their Royal Wedding. This is also a great kid-friendly option!

Visit the Ocean House, RI. 
Last year, my husband and parents surprised me with a visit to the Ocean House for dinner on my 30th birthday. Because of Covid, they elected for an intimate dinner in the gondola, and it immediately became a favorite! It was such a fun experience, and because it's the Ocean House, the food and drinks were amazing. 



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